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I tuned into the Apple announcement at noon yesterday. I watched it live on my Apple TV. It was better than being there because I didn’t have to pay to fly to California or pay for a seat in the auditorium.

The only surprise for me was that there wasn’t an upgrade announcement for the Apple TV. Apple has reduced the price of Apple TV in the refurbish store to $75 and I was sure that would mean new hardware. I guess it wasn’t ready for prime time or they decided to just wait till next year and announce the full TV.

The rest of the presentation was pretty much as speculated by many. Two new iPads and two new MacBook Pros and the new PAC Pro.

The larger iPad got renamed to the iPad Air. I am in the market for a new iPad and the question now is to go with the full sized or mini. I am undecided.

The other announcements were software. Apple’s office suit has been greatly upgraded for both the iPad and Mac. Apple also upgraded their iLife suite. All are free for all new hardware purchases. I received free upgrades for the applications I had previously installed.

Also there was the release of OS X Maverick. Another slap in Microsoft’s face since this also is a free upgrade.

Along with all of the individual improvements is the continued improvement of integration among products. I thought it was a great set of releases.

I downloaded Maverick and prior to installing it, I saved a copy of the install to prevent the need of downloading again for my Mac Air. Everything went smooth. The upgrade was so smooth, that I really have no reluctance to immediately installing on the Mac Air.

I thought the event was very informative and entertaining. You can watch it by going to the Apple site. The event took an hour and a half.

This industry is really changing. There are a few companies that are facing huge problems. Microsoft and Google have been pushed into the hardware business. Both are now manufacturing their own smart phones to compete with Apple. Microsoft is also in the tablet market as a manufacturer.

This is really raising the hackles of Dell and HP with good cause. Microsoft is no longer just a provider of their OS, but is now also a competitor in hardware. The same is true now that Google bought Motorola cell phones.

Both Microsoft and Google had to get a manufacturing arm to have a chance of competing with Apple. I see the possibility that Dell, HP, Gateway, and others may eventually drop put of the PC arena. Dell and HP both produce servers, but both firms are struggling.

It is interesting times we live in.

10 thoughts on “Apple Announcements

  1. ” Apple has reduced the price of Apple TV in the refurbish store to $75 ”

    We picked up Google’s Chromecast ($35.00) a few weeks back.

    I can’t really comment on Chromecast’s impact except to note that “tabcasting” (mirroring?) is not supported on the IPAD … AND … although Hulu Plus has joined Youtube and Netflix as Chromecast cooperators, Amazon streaming video has not.

  2. I am not a Google fan and have removed all google apps from my libraries. If I were going to buy a non-Apple streamer product, it would be Roku 3. Amazon Prime requires a US IP if I remember correct. I think NetFlix is a better buy.

  3. Don Ray
    I replaced my iPad 2 with an iPad mini. I like both. The choice is a matter of which size works best for you. I was very pleased with the better quality screen on the new mini. When i get another one I will get the best quality screen, called retina or some thing like that. Whatever it costs it is worth it. The new mini is many times easier to read than the iPad 2.

  4. Don, I downloaded iOS 7 on my iPad 3 and I must say that I like it. My son here in Quito has a 2012 MacBook Pro but he hasn’t downloaded Maverick yet; how are you liking that new OS?

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