Mosto Bistro for Someone Special

I intended to post this last month, but got sidetracked. Thinking about food today reminded me.

Lovely Natalie had a birthday last month and her favorite restaurant in David is Mosto Bistro. The three of us had the most enjoyable lunch and no one prepares it like Mosto Bistro.

I didn’t take photos, but I will describe what I remember. The noon weekday special is $11.25, if I remember correct. It includes an appetizer, the main course and a drink.

I ordered a pork burrito that had an asian flair. It was to die for. One thing, in which Chef Fulvio Miranda VIeto excels, is presentation and his special sauces.

I also ordered a BBQ’d pork chop as my main course. I never knew a pork chop could be so tasty! I think it came with mashed potatoes. I guarantee it was the best meal I ate in September.

I remember that Natalie and Lilliam ordered a yucca appetizer. I have had it before and it is great.

I don’t remember their main course, but i do remember their raving about it. If you want the have a special meal in David, this is one place you must try.

Sorry for the lack of photos. What was I thinking? Maybe I was too distracted being in the presence of two lovely ladies.

5 thoughts on “Mosto Bistro for Someone Special

  1. Hi Sherry. Just so you know how I try to manage the blog, if I have gone to a restaurant more than once, I try to always reference back to the originating post that has directions. Toward the top of this post you will see Mosto Bistro in blue letters. Click on it and you will go to the post that has directions.

  2. Fulvio and Maria have a very special establishment. We ate there a few month ago and as you said, it was quite wonderful. Wheelchair accessible even!

  3. This past Wednesday we tried out a new Italian restaurant. It’s called Terra Ristorante Italiano (788-8081 – Graziano Di Mauro) and is located on Via Porras, Calle U Norte (the KFC road). Six of us had a wonderful dinner and we told them (Graziano and Maximo) that we would definitely be back!

    They open less than a week ago and for now will be open every day for lunch and dinner. They are just down the street from you so might be a place to check out on your jaunt out for lunch on Sundays.

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