Boulangerie French Bakery Revisited

After having some receiving comments on an old post, that I had on the Boulangerie Bakery, I decided to revisit it and see if it compared to my previous visit.

The case was filled with many items and I chose several to take home. I also picked up a loaf of bread.

Over the next two days they were consumed. Everything I bought was great. I liked the bread and the cinnamon rolls I got really hit the spot.

Overall I felt that it was as good as the first time I visited it. Here is a Google Map to the bakery.

4 thoughts on “Boulangerie French Bakery Revisited

  1. This bakery is my favorite in David! The owner is from France, and he enjoys conversing with my wife in French. The conversation ends up a pleasant mixture of French, Spanish and English. I particularly like the baguettes and filled doughnuts. The donuts are so good that they would make a US policeman cry!

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