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Deep Vein Thrombosis

My fall through the deck may have done more than I thought. I noticed last night I had a hard knot in the upper calf of my right leg. The knot is painful to the touch.

From an Internet search, I found the condition described perfectly. Apparently the fall may have damaged a vein in a condition called deep vein thrombosis.

I am treating it with heat and ibuprofen, but would like the name of a vascular physician in Chiriquí for confirmation of treatment.

From what I have read, it is of less concern if it is below the knee. I would appreciate information from others that may have experienced the same thing, especially if you have had treatment for it in Panama.

UPDATE: Later in the day.

I need to say that I think I am very fortunate to have some of the best readers in the world that follow my blog. It seems within seconds, I had calls and comments to help me in my decision of who to see.

Besides the comments, I had a Panamanian friend and doctor that reads my blog call from California. He said he felt that it was less serious than what I thought it could be, but did recommend seeing a doctor. I also received a call from another friend who had called his Panamanian wife in the US to get her recommendation.

All of the concern is very much appreciated.

I did take the recommendation of Hilda and saw Dr. Cattán (the Medical Director in Mae Lewis). He took a complete medical history and then sent me to the radiology area for some tests,

One was a sonogram to verify that the problem was less serious than a Deep Vein Thrombosis. Superficial phlebitis is what I think he called it. For that I got a gel to apply and 30 pills. A much better situation.

However with my past history he also requested some spinal x-rays and they showed a degeneration of the disks between several of the vertebras. Todays medical expenses were $45 for the office visit and $131 for the sonogram and 4 spinal x-rays.

After looking at the x-rays, Dr. Cattán recommended an MRI to get a better handle on that problem to be able to prevent more degradation. The MRI will run around $650.

I will say that I felt I was in very good hands and Dr. Cattán’s English was fine and definitely better than my Spanish.

Thanks again for the concern and recommendations. I consider today a positive day because I now have one more doctor to put in my arsenal against old age.

Grandparents: changing the world one forwarded email at a time.

Significant Hardware Improvement

IMG_0658I recently purchased a refurbished Apple AirPort Air Capsule from the Apple Website and had a friend bring it to me from the US.

I received it this morning. After plugging it in, my local area network and wireless network were up and running within 5 minutes. This is by far the easiest router I have ever installed.

This device is Apple’s 2012 model and as such was much more cost effective than the 2013 model. This Apple AirPort Time Capsule contains a 2 TB hard drive and will automagically take system backups of all of my Apple PCs connected to it on an hourly basis.

What I have been able to measure is that my WiFi transmission rate has improved by a factor of 2. Apple makes it very easy to measure the transmission rate between the PC and the Time Capsule or router. Continue reading Significant Hardware Improvement

New Alto al Crimen Report

The following is a new report from Alto al Crimen.

The last two months have seen a series of at least four terrifying home invastion robberies in the Alto Boquete and Volcancito areas, in addition to more minor burglaries. As we have observed in past difficult cases, it is often an observant citizen that breaks the case. So it was this weekend. 
Most of you know that a violent robbery took place last Thursday night in Volcancito, sending the victim to the hospital, the forth such attack in less than two months. On Friday, Alto al Crimen commissioned a private investigator to follow up. On Saturday, he was working with the police in Volcancito. 
At about 1:15PM, the Boquete Hotline operator received a call from a resident reporting suspicious activity at a neighbor’s house that was unocupied. He immediately contacted the officers who were working in the area. They arrived at the scene within minutes and observed two men running away from the residence.  Continue reading New Alto al Crimen Report

Do I Hear A Class Action Suit

“If you like your doctor – You can keep your doctor”.

“If you like your healthcare plan – you can keep your healthcare plan”.

“This plan is going to reduce healthcare premiums”.

Can there be a class action suit against a president for promises made to win election?

I was never one of those who believed these foolish claims. When you force a business model to change as radically as the ACA is changing the healthcare model, basic economics will force other business entities to adjust their business models. The effects are just starting to be realized.

This is just one more thing that has turned out being a positive that I have received by moving to Panama. While I do not consider my insurance cheap, at least I have some control over it.

I get to eat fresh fruit and vegetables at a much lower cost than I would in the US, which has to be beneficial for my health. If need be, I can walk to the grocery store and avoid spending money on gas.

The air I breath everyday is clean and fresh. I enjoy my morning walks, even though I haven’t taken many since my deck accident.

I enjoy my life, while many living under the pressure of making ends meet in the US are realizing that they must postpone their retirement.

How lucky those of us living here should feel. I literally give thanks everyday for living the life I live. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

Container Twelve Status

load2013My understanding is that the paperwork for Container 12 is being worked on at this very moment. It should be in David soon.

It is going to be unloaded in David at a new location this time. Tom and his helpers have been working hard the last few days to get the site ready. It still had a ways to go when I went last week to get the location for a Google Map.

Here is the Google Map for the new location.

As soon as I have the exact delivery date, I will post it. Here is a post of Tom’s last delivery.


As a child, I remember my mother cleaning my face with her spit. It was like I was raised by cats.