Time For Reflection

Every now and then, I encounter a situation that causes me to have one of those “What is the meaning of life?” moments.

The event that triggered this epiphany was a conversation I had the other day with a friend.

Let me pose a question to you. What would you do if you learned you had only a short time to live. Some might say, I would take a trip to some far off place I always wanted to see and leave the debt of the trip for someone else to pay.

There are endless ideas along this theme, but let me add another twist. What if the realization of pending termination only came after you were totally incapacitated and confined to a bed?

A “Bucket List” is worthless if you have no time or physical ability to work off the items on the list. WOW. Does that put into focus how important it is to make the most of each day while you are not limited?

Speaking for me I don’t have any “Bucket List”. I have done many of the things I have wanted to do. I have seen many of the places I want to see. Each new thing I do and each new thing I see is a bonus.

I treasure each photo and story I receive about my children and grandchildren. I enjoy talking to my 97 year old uncle and hearing his new plans for the next week. I enjoy watching Lilliam beaming because she has a new plant flowering.

Things that make life worthwhile don’t have to be grandiose. Sometimes it is the simpler things in life that have the most value.

  • Seeing the beauty of a sunrise or a sunset.
  • Being able to make a child smile.
  • Helping your granddaughter solve an algebra problem.
  • The feeling you get after donating a pint of blood.

OK. You get the idea. While I was struggling with the ever present realization that life is short, and often shorter than we would like for it to be, I wanted to remind everyone else to make the most of today.

NOW might be a good time to call your friends and family and tell them you care about them. They may think you losing your marbles, but the fact is you are just counting your marbles and appreciating each and every one.

If you missed my post on “Life Compared To A Thousand Marbles”, now might be a good time to read it.

6 thoughts on “Time For Reflection

  1. Las cosas que uno puede hacer por si mismo han desaparecido cuando usted no esta, las cosas que no hacen para otros que siguen como su legado..
    The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, the things you do for others remain as your legacy..
    These words I am trying to live by. They fit neatly with a Christian philosophy and actually make sense. So I volunteer and try to make a difference in someone else’s life. It helps me see that meaning everyone keeps looking for.

  2. You are so right, Don. When I became ill 7 years ago and found my life limited by my illness, I was so grateful that my husband and I had taken the time to enjoy our life and our travels. Every day I am grateful for my wonderful Husband, family and friends. I realize how quickly life can change. I am so glad our priorities were always for the simple things I can still enjoy. Our life motto is do a little good, have a little fun.I believe you know this well and live it yourself.

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