4 thoughts on “Boquete PhotoGrafia – September 27

  1. Dear Don,

    Will any of the photographs be for sale?

    Thanking you in advance for any response you might make.


  2. It is very interesting and yes some of them are marked SOLD so I guess they are for sale. It is up on the third floor where we have our mathematics tutoring going on. We tutor math to any kids in English or Spanish so that they can do better in school and in life. It is all free GRATIS and we try to make it fun. Lunes at 2pm and Miercoles at 10am.

  3. Hello, The 3rd floor exhibit is different from the first floor. The Boquete PhotoGrafia club will be exhibiting 30 photos from all it’s members on Dec 6th. But each month on the first floor of the library one of our members exhibits 6-8 images. While we don’t advertise openly photos for sale, most if not all photos are for sale, but you must discuss that with the photographer. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact Robert Brauns at rbfish at gmail dot com….

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