Blood Donors/Receivers

Maybe this is worth posting since many are moving to Panama. If you have never paid attention to your blood type, it is worth knowing that Panama is not known for having blood on hand in case of emergencies.

This is even more critical during holiday seasons, because an appropriate donor might be away on vacation.

I am going to post a graph that reflects who are eligible donors and receivers for each blood type.

Other restrictions are often imposed by some hospitals in Panama, but some restrictions, such as age, are waved in an emergency.

Because of the fact that blood is not banked in Panama, it is important to be aware of such groups such as the Boquete Hospice & Health Foundation. They keep a registered list of donors and have helped many people, foreigners as well Panamanians.

Remember if you need to make a request, please provide the following information in order to receive assistance. Other requirements are on the Hospice website.

  • Blood Type
  • Hospital
  • name of recipient
  • Doctor requesting the blood

Following is a graph that shows who can donate for what blood type.


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