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I’ve been holding my stomach in for about 3 years now so don’t talk to me about dedication.

Today She Returns, But How?

Today, Lilliam returns from visiting her daughter and grandkids in Costa Rica. The big question is what will she find at the Frontera when she arrives.

My understanding is that this is the fourth day of tuckers protesting and blocking the border. This happens more often than you would expect.

It seems like on normal days when you approach the Frontera, you will find a long line of trucks lined along the road waiting for their time to be allowed to cross. You will see this on the Costa Rica and the Panama sides.

However, currently it is a protest and not business as usual. I will only know what to expect when I get the call saying she is on the way or she needs me to go to the Frontera and get her.

In the meantime, the house is being vacuumed to give the appearance that all was well while she was gone. Thank you Natalie.

What A Day!

Actually, the events I worked on today, started yesterday evening. In working with my camera vender in China to get the configuration the way I want it, I lost the Internet and was only able to communicate by using my cell phone as a hotspot.

While I was working on that, my Mac Mini decided to die. I went to bed with several problems and unable to solve them by myself.

In today.s world, when you don’t have internet, you are really limited to research problem solutions.

This morning I was able to diagnose that Cable Onda had cut off my service. By connecting directly to the Cable Onda modem and not my router, I could see a message that said I had not paid my bill. I knew that wasn’t true, but at least I knew why I had no internet.

Fixing the Mac Mini took second position. This morning, again using my iPhone to give me access to the Internet, I pulled up all receipts I had for Cable Onda. I went to El Rey for assistance, but they said it would be a minimum of one day and probably not before Friday, before they could help me. I was convinced it was a problem between MultiPago in El Rey and Cable Onda.

I decided it would be better to go to Cable Onda and if they had not received a payment, I would pay it and get a refund when I found the guilty party.

What I found at Cable Onda can only make you laugh. What Cable Onda said was that El Rey collected one penny too little and Cable Onda said they have many problems receiving payments from El Rey.

That is what Cable Onda said, but when I look at my charge on their system, I paid what their bill said. Nonetheless I gave them a penny and my internet was turned back on. It is not worth it to me to find the real problem for a penny, but it is worth cutting off service to a customer who is never paying for a penny by Cable Onda.

Anyway, one problem down.

On to the Mac Mini problem. I took my Mini to PanaFoto to see if they would ship it to Panama or had a better idea for getting it operational again. I spoke with Carlos Arauz and who had worked in Panama City for Apple for 5 years. He said he could diagnose the problem if I left it with him.

He called an hour ago and said the hard drive was failing (what I had thought was the problem). I have authorized him to replace it. He said I should get it back in a day or so. If I get it back in two days and is operating well again, I will b a happy camper.

Working to get my camera system the way I want it will take some time. I am working with a technician in China and with the hour difference, his day is my night. Basically, I have a functioning system, just not the way I want it.

Koki already doesn’t like the system. While I was working on it, I could see Koki on the terrace. I could not believe my eyes. As I watched, she decided to go to a rug I had drying in the sun and pee on it. I brought her in replayed the video and told her I had the goods on her.

Don’t think my talk helped.

Oh well, I started out with three problems (two large and one small) and it looks like I have them back under control or getting under control. I can live with the third and am learning things in the progress. Always good to have a little mental exercise.

Your secrets are safe with me, I wasn’t even listening to you.

Bits and Bites

Last night Natalie and I went to see “The Valley of the Muses”. Outstanding! I took some videos and hope to work on them this afternoon.

I am completely enjoying UNLOCATOR. I have practically doubled my download speed from what I got using a VPN because the up and down encryption is not required. I converted my VPN subscription over to my laptop to use when I travel. now I have the vest of both worlds.

I have now installed a security camera system. When I get time I will write up what I did and why. It is a wired system. My research and experience convinced me that wireless provided more vulnerabilities and problems than benefits. I now have a 24/7 system that can watch things when I can’t.

Well, time to take a quick shower and head to church to give thanks for the great week I have had and the better one I will have next week with lilliam returning home. Ya’ll take care now – Ya hear!

Man cannot live by bread alone. He also needs a roll of duct tape and a can of WD-40.

English Conversation Class

Dario asked me if I could spend an hour or so with a couple that was taking English from him. I always enjoy doing that and if I can work it in, I do it.

This morning I met with Sergio and Algeria. They are a very nice and interesting couple. Both are working on the Hydro Electric project in Caizan, Panama. Sergio is working on the physical engineering portion and Algeria is working on the environmental impact aspect.

They have come from the Canary Islands. Lilliam and I had been to Tenerife on the cruise that terminated in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

Sergio, Algeria and I had a good conversation that covered politics around the world, economy around the world, Costa Rica vs Panama and other topics. I had a great time and hopefully they did as well. I always enjoy meeting people from other countries.

DSC01086Before we quit, I took a photo to record how I spent my time today. Welcome Sergio and Algeria to Panama, specifically David, I hope they enjoy their time here.