SSA Letter Received

Back in June, I posted the process I had gone through to notify the US Social Security Administration of my Panama address.

Today, I went by my P.O. Box in the David Post Office and had a letter from the SSA.

The SSA letter stated that it had received my change of address and that it would continue depositing my SS check in my financial institution in the United States. They also included a pamphlet called “Your Payments While You Are Outside the United States”.

It is good to have a positive notification that the process worked. My Proof of Life has been taken care of for another two years.

7 thoughts on “SSA Letter Received

  1. good to know…and two years is good…I have to get a yearly letter to Sweden for that, and they send ia request mid November and you have to have it back in early December, doesn’t give you much time…..esp. if you are travelling

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