Heather Returns To Panama

You may remember that Lilliam, Natalie and I had the pleasure of hosting Heather last April while she was here in Chiriquí gathering information for her doctoral thesis on the Danza de Moros y Cristianos.

While that wasn’t that long ago, much as transpired. First, Heather was in a terrible car accident and from looking at photos of the accident, she is lucky to be alive. She had already presented her findings from her trip to Panama and had received a grant for three more visits to support her thesis.

Then the accident hit and her next trip was postponed. I am pleased to tell you that, following intense physical therapy and medical care, she has recuperated to the point that she is making the first of the three trips on her grant.

She arrives today in David and we are excited to see her again.

It is one of my greatest pleasures to play a small role in her gathering information on some of Panama’s interesting past.

For the next ten days, our schedule will be whatever it needs to be to support Heather’s research project.

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