OK, Here’s the Deal

Lilliam hates moping and cleaning the floor. You know what? So do I. In fact I will do almost anything to get out of doing that task, and unfortunately for Lilliam, I usually succeed.

A couple years ago I started a research project to make life a little easier. I have looked at the iRobot models at PanaFoto and Do It Center for over two years now.

This week I found a new model robot cleaner in PanaFoto. It was an LG 2.0 Hom-Bot. Its technology beat the iRobot models hands down in my estimation.

Lilliam, however, wanted the iRobot Scooba because it did moping as well as vacuuming. I have read about and watched enough YouTube demos on the iRobot Scooba that I was convinced that it neither vacuumed nor mopped well.

This is as close to an impasse as we ever get, because Lilliam always gets 2 votes to my 1/2 vote.

I decided that since it had been a year since I had really researched floor cleaning products, I would take another look. Today I think I found a better product for the types of floors in Panama.

It is called the iRobot Braava 380t Floor Mopping Robot. I am ready to buy it, but there is one problem. It is not in Panama.

Now if I can find some kind soul, that is coming to the David area in the next three weeks, and felt that they could handle bringing it down to me I would be ecstatic. I have a backup as Tom McCormack is coming back toward the end of October.

If this works as well as the reviews I have read, there may be others that will want to bring one for themselves. I plan on giving it a good test and review it under Panama conditions.

Now if you want to participate in this product evaluation and think you can carry this down to me, drop me an email to donraycc @ gmail.com (remove the spaces).

HERE is the item as listed by Amazon.

Here is a YouTube video so you can see it in action.

After watching the demo, Lilliam even agreed that it is a better choice. She most likely noticed that the price was about 1/2 of the Scooba.

7 thoughts on “OK, Here’s the Deal

  1. Yikes!!! I want one, too! But, unfortunately, we aren’t coming down til Jan or Feb. I can bring something else that you might need then, however! I hope someone can help you cuz this looks great!!!

  2. I’m ok with sweeping and mopping the floor, but if you come across something that folds and puts away laundry, that is worth a trip to the states. lol

  3. I suggest that anyone who plans on going to the states reconsider. Oct 1st is the date when all the DHS agencies have as a drop dead date to be ready for a ” climate change emergency” and they are preparing with thousands of foreign troops who are learning urban warfare and US weapons systems. Something big is set to happen Oct 1st and I think that everything will not be reported by the media or internet. This is no hoax. They are getting all their ammo, guns, and special combat vehicles ready to go to war with the American people. It is why I am here in Panama and intend to stay.
    On the bright side, I love the iRobot and wish I had one. The cats would freak out but then may get used to it.
    Pensamos quedarnos en Panama.

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