4 thoughts on “Dental Exam And Cleaning Special

  1. Hold on to your money Don

    I utilize the professional services of Dr. Esquivel for all my dental needs. His office is located in the Hospital Cattan. He has been in business for 30 years and we have always entrusted him to serve all our dental needs. Recently I went in for a checkup and cleaning which included polishing and his fee was $15, I gave a $20 bill and told his to keep the change. Contact his office at 774-4492

  2. It is always good to get other recommendations. There are most likely several good dentists around David. I am happy you have someone you like.

  3. Also, ‘letting people keep the change’ is not a wise practice. Makes the ‘donor’ look like a chump and pisses off other patrons who may suddenly see a jump in rates… Not being critical. Just the lay ‘o the land..
    Pura Vida,

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