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I have a couple security projects going on. One of them has been the installation of a wired camera system, which can be accessed from the Internet.

I had Planet Telecom do the installation of the cabling because I wanted it done right and I would not trust just anyone in the house. I have talked with Dave Villeiux several times and know he delivers a quality product and is involved in all aspects of his business.

The system I installed required Ethernet cable to be run to the IP cameras and is known as a POE system because the cameras are Powered Over Ethernet. Using POE cameras means that you only have to run one cable to the camera and you do not have to run secondary cables to provide power.

The system is now operational and the quality of the pictures is very good. I am extremely impressed with the pictures I am getting with the cameras in total darkness. The cameras use inferred lighting when there is no other light available.

The system can record all the time or when triggered by motion in a specific area. A motion trigger can send a photo to an email address, which is good when one is away from the house.

Besides having cameras covering the periphery and inside of the house, I have a record of all traffic on the street in front of the house. I obviously have the entire system covered by uninterruptible power sources, so in the event of a power outage, the system is still running.

I went with a wired solution because there are too many problems associated with wireless cameras and systems. The system is expandable and after I have had time to become fully acquainted with the system, I have a couple more cameras planned.

This is just one phase, of a multiphase security system, that I have been implementing for some time. I have purposefully not included photos of the system because part of a security plan involves not revealing all aspects of the plan.

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  1. Hello Don Ray; quick question for you. To provide for the uninterrupted power supply I’d imagine you have a generator of some sort installed? The reason I ask is we are looking to build a home and knowing outages to be at times a relative nuisance was curious if this was possible here. Appreciate any guidance/direction you can provide..

  2. Hi Daniel,

    No I am not providing power to the entire house, just the computer system, cameras, and Internet connection. That is a relativly small amount and I am using large battery powered UPSs. They should be enough to provide several hours. I added another UPS just for the security. I had been able to have connectivity to the Internet for the entire time we had a past outrage of three hours. I am hoping that with the extra UPS, I have at least the same with the additional equipment.

  3. Hi Don
    What is the availability and relative cost of UPS’s and security equipment over there?
    Are these items that I should consider bringing with me? Thanks,

  4. There are several sources for APC, Tripplite, and several chinese brands. As much as these UPS weight, the shipping might overcome any savings that you could achieve.

    I just realized that I didn’t address the cost of security equipment. I purchased my cameras directly from China and had them shipped to me via DHL. I saved enough that I could not have bought them in the US and gotten them here as cheaply.

    Here is a site I used to do a lot of my research on cameras.

  5. Hey Don

    I have also installed a similar system and have been very happy with it for 2 years. My Ups seems to be good for about 4 hours running 8 cameras, internet and router. My only problem was getting the port forwarding set up so that I could access my live cameras from the internet. It required getting C&W to give me the password to the DSL box and they wouldn’t do it. I have been very satisfied though with the motion activated email system. The only problem I have is sometimes I am overwhelmed by the number of emails I get, although I do have mine set very sensitive. I did have to build a “safe room” in my house for the DVR, and the rest of the system that I wouldnt want stolen if someone was to get into the house. SO far no problems. Good luck and have fun.


  6. Power outages in David…? Really? Ha Ha!. I am glad you completed the project already. Good luck with it.

  7. While I appreciate your enthusiasm for Planet Telecom, I feel compelled to mention that Dave Veilleux is NOT as hands on as you would lead someone to believe. I am building a house in Puerto Armuelles and asked that it be pre-wired for my internet (I currently use Planet Telecom) as I did not want additional holes punched in the walls once I had the interior complete. I requested the service, but no one contacted me for over 30 days. I then e-mailed Cirsty to find out what had happened, stated that I needed someone to come do the pre-wiring AND TO CALL TO DISCUSS. Well, there was no phone call, just two technicians who showed up and proceeded to install the internet cable AND TV cable. I had not ordered TV. Then came the huge surprise – I was billed for 3.5 hours of technicians time (2 hour drive plus time at my home), the cost of the internet cable AND the cost of the TV cable – which I have never ordered. The technicians said they were at my house for 1.5 hours. Well that part is true, because one of them was talking to MY builder about details of the house HE is building. Total bill $143.39 – with no advance warning of ANY pre-wiriing charges. I drove to David (on a Saturday) with bill in hand to contest the charges only to be told that there was no one who could make an adjustment, but someone would check on it and get back to me on Monday. I was fine with that, but wouldn’t you know it – by the time I arrived back In Puerto Armuelles I had my answer via e-mail – no adjustment to the bill!!! The justified the charge for the TV based on an e-mail inquiry about TV service and since I hit the “reply” button to that particular e-mail they used that as an authorization. I have now informed Planet Telecom that unless there is the word AUTHORIZATION in the subject line of any e-mail then there is no authorization for anything. By the way, I was told that I will be charged when they come back to install the receiver for the internet once I move into the new house. Had they just been honest with me up front and told me that pre-wiring at a cost is available, but that moving the service would also incur and installation cost I would have simply waited and not taken the chance of being charged twice to move my service – within Puerto Armuelles.

    Please let your readers know that they need to get clear, concise information from Planet Telecom so they don’t get the same surprise I did.

  8. Dave Veilleux here from Planet Telecom.

    Just to present the FACTS.

    We received a number of emails (of which I have a copy) and I quote
    “…please get this set up immediately” and the next

    “…. I need the technicians to come to Puerto Armeulles immediately” and the next,

    “Hi Cristy- Someone called me today and wanted to arrange the visit for Wednesday, ….. I mixed up the dates for a visit from friends from the states. If the team can still come to Puerto on Wednesday, that would be great”

    Does this sound like we just drove 2 hours without consulting the client first?

    No advance warning of charges? Does a reasonable person actually expect that a company would send technician for a full day of work (including travel) to a clients home to change the wiring because of work they are doing for free?

    In case people are not aware, Puerto is a 2 hour drive from David, it is surprising that someone would expect us to take the time, vehicle and fuel to drive a total of 4 hours for free? In fact, as is our policy, we only charge travel time one way.

    There were no adjustment made simply due to the fact that the charges were fair and reasonable.

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