Today She Returns, But How?

Today, Lilliam returns from visiting her daughter and grandkids in Costa Rica. The big question is what will she find at the Frontera when she arrives.

My understanding is that this is the fourth day of tuckers protesting and blocking the border. This happens more often than you would expect.

It seems like on normal days when you approach the Frontera, you will find a long line of trucks lined along the road waiting for their time to be allowed to cross. You will see this on the Costa Rica and the Panama sides.

However, currently it is a protest and not business as usual. I will only know what to expect when I get the call saying she is on the way or she needs me to go to the Frontera and get her.

In the meantime, the house is being vacuumed to give the appearance that all was well while she was gone. Thank you Natalie.

11 thoughts on “Today She Returns, But How?

  1. The CR border is in much turmoil….the trips for expats to leave Panama and return is getting to be an extreme hassle and no one seems to really know what the current rule is but the rule of confusion. If you know anything about this please enlighten me!

  2. My name is Jose Manuel and I’m a Cuban American leaving in Costarica, and my wife is a Costarican women and I want to move to Panama, we have two tennegers douthers, and will like to know what we going to face when we get to David, abouth Schooling and legal residency if thad can be possible for us, your sugestion’s will be vary much appresiated,
    Thanks Joe.

  3. My recommendation is to check the Panama Governement website and review what residency visa might be appropriate for you. I can’t answer that. With a residency visa, then you should have no problems entering your daughters into schools in David. Residency is a legal question and will require a Panama expert to answer.

  4. Where do you find news about what is happening at the border? I am planning to go up for a short visit to CR later this week, but it seems like it would be important to have recent info about the current situation at the border before I go…Thanks.

  5. Actually, nevermind my last comment. I just checked out some of the newspapers on the side, and they discuss it. Thanks.

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