Just Another Valued Customer

I will save this email to remember how fond Cable Onda is to have me as a client!

Estimado (a): DON RAY WILLIAMS

Cable Onda le agradece el pago de B/. 0.01 realizado en el día 26-08-2013 a su número de suscriptor xxxxxxxx.

Para mayor información sobre su saldo y revisar su últimas facturas, entre a www.cableonda.com opción e-factura.

¡Gracias por Preferirnos!

11 thoughts on “Just Another Valued Customer

  1. They were going to cut me off because the last time I paid I couldn’t remember the exact amount. I was .94 short. Ain’t life grand here in paradise?

  2. CUSTOMER SERVICE.. NOT in Panama!!!! NUNCA, Nada, Zip, Zilch, NEVER. If you think they are bad, wait till you go to the bank with anything but a simple deposit. You’d think you were asking for their financial statements!!!! They wouldn’t know what they were anyway. It’s DUMB N DUMBER in Panama. BTW, you shouldn’t have ANY appreciable amount of $$$’s in a Panama bank anyway….the IRS gets all that info and if you owe a few bucks they will seize it!!!

  3. Do not generalize. Once again, Panama is aThird World country and we should not use US as a standard. I agree customer service has a lot of improvement to do but on my last visit (July) I noticed it has improved some.

  4. I agree Jamie. In general my service in most places is very good. This problem with Cable Onda is a poorly implemented and designed computer system. I was treated very nice at the Cable Onda office. A better designed system would have have evaluated the shortage and either added it to the next months bill or would have generated an email telling you that you have so many days to pay the balance.

    This is a company program design problem and not a individual making a decision. If the problem is really El Rey or MultiPago, then Cable Onda needs to solve that problem.

  5. Just be glad you are in Panama and not Sweden , where customers were told they had unpaid taxes for paying TOO much in taxes…as they rounded off to a higher amount, taxes werent accepted as it wasnt “the correct amount”, then being ‘not paid’ they had surcharges!

  6. Well, this is on Cable Onda but another problem is with the IDAAN. There is a due date on the bill 2 days before we get our retirement income in . not rich gringos. .NOW, IF IT IS NOT PAID ON THE DUE DATE, YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE OFFICE IN DAVID to take care of it. Not be able to pay at El Reys and I wanted to pay l month in advance (AND THEY HAVE NOT ACCEPTED IT)., but, we have to spend $5 for gas to go to the office in David and time to pay the bill because of our income schedule. . We shop for groceries when we get our few $$ in and pay all. DUH. Another problem is that our lawn man, yesterday, told us we have to pay another $5 above what we were paying before. Our maintenance started out at $15, then $20. .NOW .$25 for cutting grass won’t cut it for us and I don’t understand/speak spanish but, limited so I told him, ADIOS, FIN. He kept us on. I wish these people will get some organization. I wonder if our lawn will be done next time?

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