English Conversation Class

Dario asked me if I could spend an hour or so with a couple that was taking English from him. I always enjoy doing that and if I can work it in, I do it.

This morning I met with Sergio and Algeria. They are a very nice and interesting couple. Both are working on the Hydro Electric project in Caizan, Panama. Sergio is working on the physical engineering portion and Algeria is working on the environmental impact aspect.

They have come from the Canary Islands. Lilliam and I had been to Tenerife on the cruise that terminated in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

Sergio, Algeria and I had a good conversation that covered politics around the world, economy around the world, Costa Rica vs Panama and other topics. I had a great time and hopefully they did as well. I always enjoy meeting people from other countries.

DSC01086Before we quit, I took a photo to record how I spent my time today. Welcome Sergio and Algeria to Panama, specifically David, I hope they enjoy their time here.


1 thought on “English Conversation Class

  1. Years from now, Dario’s graduates will be identifiable from their “y’all” and “fixingto” usage. 🙂 Great job, Don.

    Seriously, I think it is great to meet and talk with all the folks from various backgrounds. It seems as if you get as much education as you provide and Dario is lucky to have your help. If Nena ever decides to visit long term, we would love doing this.

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