Bolo’s in David

The other day I was in Electronica Nacional, to have an appliance repaired, and picked up the following flier.

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I asked the lady, that waited on me, if she had tried the pizza and her opinion. She said she liked the pizza and recommended it. I had Natalie call and found out it was open on Sunday at 1:30, so that would be our Sunday outing.

Bolo’s is across the street from Mara Pan, one of the best bakeries in David. HERE is a Google map to Bolo’s.

The name, Bolo’s, intrigued me. During my time there, I deduced the derivation of the name. If you pay attention to the write-up, you may deduce it too. There will be a quiz at the end.

The flier was very colorful and I wondered if it was some new US franchise that I hadn’t heard of. On the menu you will find pizza, cheese breads, cinnamon bites and chicken wings. All sounded good. We ordered a supreme pizza, a veggie pizza and a Italian cheese bread along with various drinks.

While we were waiting, I got to meet Bob Sullivan (owner) and Lorena (Co-Owner). Bob and Lorena were a delightful experience to meet. Here they are.


I think the story of how Bolo’s got created is interesting.

Bob and Lorena went to Florida and worked in a Little Caesars’ pizza to learn the business, with the desire of bringing Little Caesars’ to Panama. However, Little Caesars’ didn’t think it was time to expand to Panama and Bob decided to create his own restaurant.

Bob isn’t new to the restaurant industry. He had previously had a restaurant in Golfito, Costa Rica. However, he got tired of Costa Rica and liked Panama better and moved. Bob is one of those guys I always look up to. He is 85 years old and starting out on his umpteenth business adventure.

He still has two businesses running in Florida. One is manufacturing metal roofing.  You gotta love people, who never lose the entrepreneurial spirit. They never grow up or grow old. I would like to have more time to spend with Bob, because I bet he has many stories to tell. Some from his time living in India would be a good start.

IMG_0376Back to the food. My supreme pizza was very good. It had Italian sausage on it and it was the first Italian sausage I have had in Panama that I liked. Two thumbs up on my pizza. I had more than I could eat and had a couple slices for breakfast this morning.

IMG_0373The Veggie pizza also got high marks. I understand that was on the breakfast menu this morning too.


Natalie had the Italian Cheese bread and loved it.


Three full bellies left Bolo’s yesterday. I will return.

Now, for the quiz. Did you figure out the origin of the name? Do you think it was it from some experience Bob had in India. Bob says some come expecting to find a bowling alley. Think it might be Bob’s twist on the Brown Derby restaurant? A Bolo is a derby – No?

Give up? OK, here is the answer. BOb plus LOrena = Bolo.

If you stop in, say ”Hi” to Bob and Lorena. Nice folks!

Tell them you heard about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

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