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Many living outside the US, including myself, have used VPNs to provide several capabilities. One capability is a more secure connection on the Internet and another is its ability to access sites in the US that are not normally available outside the US.

As you may remember, I currently use WiTopia. However, in researching the possibility that I may need a static IP address and the effects of having a static IP address on my VPN usage, I stumbled across another offering that provides some of the advantages of a VPN, but leaves your IP address alone.

This may be the way I need to go, if I pursue the static IP address. What I would give up is the secure connection. If this new offering does what it appears to do, I may move my VPN license over to my laptop to complete my current license period. With that, I would have a secure connection when I travel, which is more important than when I am at home.

By now, you are probably wondering what this new service is. The URL, which explains what it can do, is located HERE.

I have the service activated on my router and it is functioning as advertised on all devices connected to the router. The system is in Beta and currently has no fee. When it leaves Beta, it will price at $4.95 a month, which is less than I am paying for my CloakBox.

I have nothing bad to say about CloakBox and if I do make the move, it has nothing to do with WiTopia’s service. They have been and are a perfect provider. However, this static IP requirement may not be possible, if I am using a router with a VPN active.

I have had this new service operational for less than 24 hours. One if the things, the service states, is that there will be no degradation in Internet speed by using the service. To this point, I can verify that my throughput had increased because of not needing to encrypt and decrypt the transmissions. I would say some of my download speeds have increased as much as 30%.

It requires registering for the service and it uses your current IP address along with its DNS addresses to allow the service to function. I don’t claim to understand what is going on behind the scenes, but the performance has been impressive.

If you try it, let me know your results and what ISP you are using..

UPDATE: No sooner than I posted this and at the moment, I cannot connect with US services. The system is still in Beta and this may be the reason. This will bear watching for a while.

UPDATE: Scheduling tech session with the company to determine the origin of my connection problems. Most likely will occur later next week. Currently seems to be working fine. Other times, not so fine.

UPDATE: All of my configuration problems appear to have been resolved. Speed is good.



5 thoughts on “New VPN Alternative

  1. I really appreciate your comments, but I am 71 yrs old and have NO IDEA ON WHAT THE HECK YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. . Not computer literate and NEVER HAD COMPUTER and job was taking orders from New York for shipments, took it over the phone (by headphone) and $85./WEEK in PA., AND I had to use headphone to type out shipping orders. I.was on inventory control, shipping.and receiving ..with no errors..WRITTEN DOWN — .I am NOT GLAD AT THIS POINT to have a computer…All is continuous problems…SPAM, e MAILS RECEIVED WITH ALL TO LISTED ON WHO I GET THINGS FROM, EVEN THOUGH THEY SEND AS BCC., YAHOO CHANGES AND EVERYONE GIVING ME A HEADACHE.. GOD BLESS AMERICA FOR THE NEXT GENERATION. .

  2. Charlotte, if you went to their website and followed their instruction, I think you can handle it. It is pretty simple to do what is needed, especially if you do not use a router.

  3. Using C&W adsl (1.5 mb/s). I am using StrongVPN for my vpn needs. Very happy with them.
    In the morning I’ll have 2 or more devices connected via wi-fi to the internet.(listening to npr and reading various news and video websites).
    To run Unlocker I had to add the DNS addreses to my wi-fi router. Works great with 1 device connected, not enough bandwidth to run a 2nd device. Lucky for me, I can change the wi-fi setting in a couple of keystrokes. I will use Unlocker from time to time.
    Rudy in Las Lajas

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