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The Terios was in need of tires and after checking prices at Auto Centro, I bought a set of four Federal Himalaya SUV tires in Auto-DK. Auto-DK is a new service center on the InterAmerican Highway a little east of Cochez. It has been open about 4 months. HERE is a google map.

The location is a limited service center and handles alignments, balancing, Oil and filter changes, etc.

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The tires, that they carry, are Michelin, KUMHO, Dunlap, Federal, Jinyu and TRI-ACE. I got the Federal, which is a Taiwanese tire. I like the tire better than the Toyo tire I looked at Auto Centro and I think I saved close to 30% including installation and balancing.

As a side note, Panamanian tire service centers typically balance only the front tires. I asked for all four tires to be balanced, because I didn’t want unbalanced tire on the front when I rotated the tires.

I am super pleased with the tires. I talked to the manager of the store and he said they also have a store at the Frontera and the David prices are the same as the store in the Frontera.

This morning I needed to get the oil and filter changed in the Terios. I went back to Auto-DK to get it done as well because there was no waiting. Where I normally go, I couldn’t get it done today.

If you go there, you will most likely see Querube Serrano, who handles all service billing. Tell her that you heard about her and Auto-DK at Chiriquí Chatter. Querube was too shy to have her photo taken. Pity!


12 thoughts on “Auto – DK in David

  1. Sounds like a well run shop. Speaking of autos, what can you tell me about auto insurance in Panama? We plan on buying a car when we get there and would like to know what is needed, what we can expect to pay and how does it work over there?

  2. Hi Tom,

    I used to use HSBC who bought out the INS company I got when I got my Terios. It is in the Toyota dealership. However, they let me down and could not get my policy ready so i could get my inspection done.

    I moved over to Brigette Saldaña who is at Auto Servicios de Chiriquí. I like the treatment she gave me and feel I am better covered now. I am currently working with her reviewing my healthcare insurance. Her number is 774-0256. Email is gerencia @ (remove the blanks. Tell her I sent you.

  3. Like most things tires have a shelf life, you shouldn’t buy tires that are over four years old. Central America can be a dumping ground for old products. You can tell when the tire was manufacture by the date on the sidewall. “Since 2000, the week and year the tire was produced has been provided by the last four digits of the Tire Identification Number with the 2 digits being used to identify the week immediately preceding the 2 digits used to identify the year.” For more info see…

  4. Good point Bob. These are 3311, which would be the 33 week of 2011. My last tires lasted 8 years with my driving. I guess I should have changed them 4 years ago. 😉

  5. I think setting on a shelf for four years does more harm than driving on them when they are older than four years. Tires dry rot when they are not being used.

  6. Just last week, friends and clients of mine have used Gloria Detresno Insurance Services very successfully. Gloria gives excellent follow up and prompt service. Her number 6615-6391. Email: Give her a try. You will be pleased.

  7. Greetings Don
    We just bought a 1998 Honda CRV, 4×4, Auto, Gas Engine when we arrived in Panama a week ago. I would like to get the Oil & Filter changed and the fluids in the 4×4 system replaced (These should be Honda fluids which are available from Honda in Panama). We will be in David on August 30, would you possibly know if is it possible to get and appointment at Auto-DK in advance? does Querube Serrano speak English? If so, do you have a phone number for Auto-DK?
    Also, I have been following your Blog for a long time and thank you for all the information I have gleaned from it. Would like to buy you and your family lunch or dinner at a place of your choosing on either on the 30th or 31st of August while Connie and I are visiting David from Pedasi. Would you be available?
    Mikkel & Connie Moller, formally of Auburn, CA, now living in Pedasi, Panama

  8. The number I have for Auto DK is 774-7476. I spoke with no one there in English and don’t know if anyone there speaks English. David had a Honda dealer and if you want Honda fluids, I suggest going there.

    The number I have for the Honda dealer is 775-1500. I know that you will find an English speaker there.

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