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IMG_0355Last Monday, I needed to have my ears lowered. I went by Yani’s salon and found it empty. I called and found that she was opening in a new location. I went by to see her.

She wasn’t really ready to open for business as some construction work was still going on, but she took me anyway. Not only has she changed location, but she has changed the name of the salon as well.

IMG_0354It is now called Dariush Salón. I was the very first customer. HERE is a google map to her business. She is just down from the Mirage Casino.

Her cell is still 6669-4925. Call first to see if she is now ready for business.

New location, same great haircut, same price as before. One of her $3 haircuts can last me a month, so that brings my annual expense up to $36.

If you stop in, tell her that Don Ray and Chiriquí Chatter sent you.

7 thoughts on “Dariush Salón

  1. You were the first at her new location and my wife and I were probably the last at the old place. My wife got in the chair after I was done and got the best haircut that she has had in Panama…….and only $4 to boot!!

  2. the $3 is $0.99 cheaper than my haircuts here in Houston!..but my location , a mile from the office…the Vietnamese ladies cut fast also…I can leave my office , get the haircut and be back in 15 minutes!
    but its good to know I dont need to spend $25 for a haircut in Panama either

    Of course around Panama the view is better though….

  3. Cool $3.00 for a hair cut wow excellent! My hair was very long and I donated to the American cancer Society my was free haircut. Vale chico no me digas que David esta tan economico, me cambio de residencia.

  4. Don if you’re ever in Soul South Korea be sure and check out the barber shops there, I don’t recall the cost but it was probably as cheap as what you would find in Panama.

    They also provide a short neck message consisting of a series of what seems like light duty karate chops with a smooth neck & shoulder rube and in some of the select shops you can have an additional service of witch you have to use your imagination.

  5. I have been getting my hair cut by Yani since you wrote about her the first time. It’s been real convenient for me since her shop was right on my bus route, and have noticed that the shop has been closed for a while now. I need a haircut and was about to go back to getting it done by a gentleman who has a little shop at the bus terminal. He does a pretty good job as well, and is less expensive at $2, but he’s certainly not anywhere near as attractive as Yani. Glad to know she’s relocated to an easily accessible location. Will be checking for her opening soon.

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