I Needed a Fix

Sometimes I go into technology withdrawal and I just have to have a fix. For some time I have been wanting a pair of headphones to use with my iPad and iPhone. I have a good pair of ear buds, but just wanted another set.

I have been looking at three different units. The problem I get into, when this type of craving hits me, is that I want the best quality I can get. That pushed me to the new B&O H6 that have just been released, However, their $499 price is currently beyond my limit.

I had also been considering the Bowers & Wilkins P5, which are a little cheaper at $299. Still a bit steep for my budget.

Another one that I would be very happy with is the KEF 500. It is also priced at $299.

All of these are designed to work with Apple products and have built-in microphones.

I sort of have Champagne tastes and live on a beer budget.

Premier  HeadphonesYesterday, I went into Premier and walked out with my fix satisfied. I picked up a pair of their bluetooth headphones for $39.99. The advantage these have, over my Champagne desired models, is that they are cordless.

All I have to do is connect them to any source with bluetooth and I can be up to 10 meters away from the source and still listen to my music. They also have a built-in microphone so if I am connected to my iPhone, when a phone call comes in, I am good to go. I just tap on the headphone and start talking.This will be a good thing to use when I drive.

When you take the price into account, the sound is very good. They could be a tad more comfortable. I am sure the $300+ models feel like a dream and cause your ears to have eargasms, but for now they will stay on my wish list. I am happy with my new purchase.

7 thoughts on “I Needed a Fix

  1. Dear you don’t have problems still connected to people until something come your way. We have problems in USA, you are in a Land where the people is friendly, try the radio Spanish music is a privilege I don’t have here, what you have a yearn for. Enjoy your present and be happy.

  2. Thanks to your tech bent I purchased a Witopia before we moved here last Thursday, will hook it up once we get to our house in Pedasi. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Don, I always fret a bit about Bluetooth. It is nothing more than low powered Wifi. Having even a 100 milliwatt transmitter sitting on my head has given me pause. I am not a tinfoil hat sort – in fact wireless is part of my business – still it gives me pause.

  4. Hi Don, I bought a very similar set of wireless head phones last year in the US. The only real issue is that they are not very comfortable after 15-20 minutes of use. I tested some Bose headphones at Costco when I was in Virginia a few weeks ago and I am considering getting a pair of them. Excellent sound and very comfortable. About $150.00.

  5. I agree Ron. Actually, I have not given up on the KEF 500. Not wireless, but better sound. The B&O are just too expensive. I will get the KEF someday, but not this year.

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