Obamacare = JAWS??

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. We went through the discussions of Proof of Life and I think everyone has made their own decisions about how they were going to handle the situation.

Now it is time to toss in another wrinkle. I have been communicating with Nancy Levin who writes Finding Our Paradise in Ecuador.  She was interested in my take on the effects of Obamacare on expats in Panama.

I told her I had not researched it much, since I thought, based on the Embassy meeting last March, I would not be one they will look at for not carrying the mandatory healthcare.

However, there may be more food for thought for those that have decided to ignore the Proof of Life problem by utilizing addresses in the US (friends or relatives) and not registering with the SSA as living outside the US.

In Nancy’s current article, Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) and the Expat, she begins a new discussion, which may be of interest to CC readers. All US expats are facing the same situation and have the same questions. Basically we don’t want to be dinged by a new program that we will get no benefit from.

Comments, she has received, are also worth reading. It boils down to this. January 1, 2014 Obamacare goes into effect. At that time being a legal resident and having notified the SSA of foreign residence will remove you from the potential penalty tax for not carrying the mandatory insurance.

One site related to the issue is located HERE.

I carry health insurance in Panama and I have notified the SSA of my Panama address and at the same time informed them that I have lived here since 2003. Having volunteered for the U.S. Embassy for several years also is proof that I am a permanent resident here. With all of that, I feel like I am covered.

If you are a US citizen that is a permanent resident outside the US, then it may be time for you to research Obamacare and see how it affects you and if you have planned correctly.

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  1. Thank you. Pensamos quedarnos en Panama. I registered with SSA as living in Panama with a Panama address. I plan on living forever in my little paradise here. Moved here to get away from Obama and all the socialism and communism that is coming to America

  2. I left the United States 13 years ago for good and did not look back. I moved to Canada at that time. I became a Canadian citizen 4-years later and got rid of my USA citizenship. My allegiance is to Canada and do not feel it necessary to have two citizenships. I winter in Panama. The best of both worlds. Do some soul searching and make a decision. The world is a big place. Some times it is difficult to let go…..sometimes it is easy. If you are not going back to the USA…think about letting go.

  3. It might be wise to submit a physical address. Most companies and quite possibly OBAMACARE might refuse to accept a Post Office Box as an address. For three years I have used this address.
    My name
    Calle H. Norte, Edif. Manuligo, David, Chiriqui, Republic of Panama.
    Any mail going to this address always ends up in my POB at the David Post Office.
    It is the address of FEDEX and was given to me by the manager. It has worked well for three years.

  4. I moved to the US 45 yrs ago to get out of the Swedish society/tax system etc…but it seems to have followed me here…we are becoming under Obama what Sweden was under Palme…time is coming to think about relocating…well, I have been thinking a few yrs…if wife would agree I would already live in Panama..

  5. Don have a look at this article, I believe we as expats are exempted from the “jaws”

    –Affordable Healthcare Act does not apply abroad–

    “In June 2012 the Supreme Court gave its approval to the Affordable Healthcare Act and many Americans living outside the USA are wondering if the law applies to them. The Supreme Court decision did not change anything in the law and Americans who are bona-fide residents overseas are presumed to have minimum essential coverage and as such do not have to pay a tax for not being insured in the US.
    When the law was being discussed in Congress in 2010, ACA and other action groups were able to put pressure on Congress not to include Americans abroad, especially concerning the “Requirement to maintain minimum essential coverage.” Overseas Americans are not exempted; technically speaking they are presumed to have acceptable minimal coverage.”



  6. Was wondering if by filing for a income tax extension it would be enough proof that we live here in Panama. We filed for an extension for same reason, living outside the U.S. Does anybody know?

  7. I have finally cemented my opposition to affordable health care for everyone, having learned that the repugnant-can’t “leadership” is prepared to forego its own gold-plated, diamond-encrusted, Rolls-Royce healthcare benefits. I’m similarly emboldened to learn that raising minimum wage standards has been proven unnecessary by the Congress’ adoption of existing minimum wages for their own compensation.

    The politician is your friend,


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