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Now you might not consider stopping at a gas station to get something to eat, but Speedy Way might change your mind. I ate there last Tuesday. It is located across from Super Baru on the InterAmerican Highway.

DSC01022I thought I would try one of the empanadas just to get a photo, and that was my downfall. They had cheese and meat. I chose the meat and it was fantastic. I also liked the sauce that came with it. Will probably get some to go the next time.

Since the empanada passed the test, I ordered a Shawarma, It was $6.00 and I thought the price was a little steep till I got it. It was two to three times larger than KFC or McDonald’s wraps and the flavor was better.


Here is a photo of what they have on their menu. I will have to go back and try a few more items. They are open 24/7.


They also have coolers with sodas and even Coors. If you in need of something stronger, you can by a bottle of whisky (for medicinal purposes only I’m sure).

If you stop in, you may be waited on by one of these cute young ladies. If you do, tell them you saw them on Chiriquí Chatter.


I met the proprietor, Eyenis. She is a very nice lady (camera shy, but very nice) and most likely the one responsible for the food tasting so good. Tell her I said “Hi”.

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3 thoughts on “Speedy Way – David

  1. they used to be in chiriqui mall under another name. they had a delicious meditarranean dish which includes hummus and other four items. Hope they have in speedy way also. tried to read the menu from the pic but couldn’t see it. forgot the name of the dish, but really good.

  2. We ate at Speedy Way for lunch today. Unfortunately, they were not serving Shawarma because the bread required was not up to their standards. They are seeking out other suppliers and should have it back soon. Instead, we had a burger and a burrito. Both excellent. We also sampled the empanadas con carne de maiz y de harina, also, both delicious. The couple who run the place are very sweet and you can tell they have passion for their work. Great find Don Ray! Thank you.

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