A First For Me

I receive many emails from followers of Chiriquí Chatter. Every now and then one will say they are going to be in Chiriquí and would like to meet me. I always try to accommodate the request if I am in town.

A few weeks ago I received such a request, but it had a twist. The reader wrote and said his wife was going to be in Bugaba visiting family and he wanted her to meet me. I wrote back that I should be in town and gave him my cell number so she could call me.

Last week she called me and we set up to meet at a restaurant in Bugaba on Monday of this week.

Before I get to the rest of my story, let me tell you about the restaurant. It is a small Panamanian owned restaurant called “ta ChiLi”. HERE is a google map to the location.  It is adjacent to the Borinquito Park.

Apparently it is well known by the locals and I understand that people love to go there just to get the Chicheme. That is a favorite corn drink in Panama.

Here is a photo of the menu. As you can see it has a Mexican flair and the prices are very reasonable!

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Since we were a large party, there was an order for a large pizza (photo below on the left). I ordered Beef Burritos (Second Photo on the right) and Natalie ordered Sincronizadas (Second photo on the left). If you go and don’t order the Chicheme, I recommend the rice and pineapple drink (Third photo below). It was fantastic (so yummy).


Following are a few photos of the front and the hours of operation.


The food was very good especially considering the price. This is definitely where the locals go. I will return when I am in that area.

Now back to my original story. I enjoyed the lunch and getting to meet new people. Here is a photo of the group I was with. How could I not have fun, when I am with four beautiful women.


Now what made the meeting so special was that I got to meet and talk to the gentleman who had wanted me to meet with his wife while I was having lunch. He is currently stationed in Kuwait and just finishing his tour of duty. He will be returning to the US in August.

When he fulfills his military obligation, the family plans to return to Panama to live. Now I probably left you hanging. How was I able to take to him over lunch if he is currently in Kuwait?

Well, Yessinia (Rodney’s wife), had brought her laptop and connected with Skype so he could talk to me. What a great experience!

I want to thank Rodney and Yessenia for making my day on Monday. Below is a photo of Yessenia and Rodney is barely visible to her left on the laptop.

Beautiful lady! Come back safe Rodney!

I mark that down as another first for me. What a great day. It just doesn’t get better than this.

6 thoughts on “A First For Me

  1. Don, as always I enjoy your tips. I have driven by this place 50 times, but never stopped. Going to give it a try this PM….Thanks….

  2. This was a very nice story.
    When I had my final party to leave the US I had David, my spouse on Skype talking to folks there. I love this tool. It keeps me closer to my family.
    Thanks for the tip on the restaurant too.

  3. Great story.
    And I want to thank Rodney AND Yessenia for their service. The families of the military deserve support as well.

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