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Last Saturday, I was in Premier in Plaza El Terronal. I like to stop in there to see what new products they have. I have bought several products there and have had good luck with them. All items are under the Premier brand name which is Chinese, but I have found the quality to be acceptable.

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On Saturday, they were demonstrating a new greaseless fryer. These two attractive young ladies gave me a demonstration. I think the price of the unit being demoed was $100. I got to try some french fries and chicken nuggets.

If you drop into Premier, tell them you heard of them on Chiriquí Chatter.

4 thoughts on “What’s Cooking

  1. The fries were fine. The chicken nuggets were filled with cheese and were ok for cheese filled nuggets. I would have preferred to have tried plain chicken nuggets.

  2. would you want one of these machines for your home so you may enjoy the ‘fine’ fries? i do love fried foods but do no frying at home because of the stigma & bad rap. want to believe this method would be a good substitute, just don’t know if i would pay $100

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