A Short Note About Hyperlinks

I discussed how a blog works in the Blog Tips Area.

However, as a result of the post, about my daughter and her approaching event, maybe I should make a special effort to clarify how I hyperlinks work so you will recognize them when I use them in posts.

Hyperlinks are used in blogs and many Internet media sources as a means of referring you to another article. When a hyperlink is in a blog post, you can recognizing it because it will be a different color. Sometimes it is obvious because I write “Click HERE”. Sometimes it isn’t. Not all different colored words are hyperlinks, but once you understand how I write, you will recognize them.

Often, if I visit a restaurant for a second time, I may refer back to the original post because that post has the directions to the restaurant. I am a bit lazy and don’t like to write the directions multiple times. Also, If I make a mistake, I only have to correct it in one place.

Wikipedia uses hyperlinks a tremendous amount. If you are not following the hyperlinks in many posts you will completely miss the end of the post or not understand anything about the post.

With that in mind, you may want to go back and reread my daughters announcement.

While I try to practice safe blogging, sometimes I am more careless than normal and I confuse a few of my readers. I guess you could say I impregnate them with the wrong idea. Sometimes it is on purpose because the devil made me do it.

8 thoughts on “A Short Note About Hyperlinks

  1. RE: my daughter is expecting. It was very hurtful and disrespectful of your daughter, in my opinion. My husband’s 43-year old son behaves in this manner as well, even though he was taught to do the “right” thing while growing up. We simply ignore his behaviour and treat him the same way that he treats us…. And he is always shocked. My step son and your daughter should both grow up, but they won’t, for whatever reason.

  2. I am glad to know , that , even though I am an internet novice, I am not that much novice as some must be….LOL

    but many times I think its laziness, people dont read all and get their opinion after reading only parts….think that applies to lots in life, you see it in discussions such as climate change , trayvon martin shooting etc, etc…I like to get the whole story first…maybe its part of my engineering/architectural profession?

  3. “safe blogging”, “impregnate them”. haha Aren’t you in your 4th trimester of blogging? 🙂

  4. Oh, goodness, dad, all your readers think I’m heartless now. lol Hi Sherry. I am the daughter Don blogged about. I am neither pregnant, nor disrespectful (well, most of the time anyway). Although I do agree that some people need to “grow up,” my dad would certainly not lower himself to the point of calling out a family member on a social networking site. I think what he was trying to point out in this blog was that if people read everything (including the hyperlinks) before they make judgements, they might find a small bit of humor, or an interesting tidbit of information that will change their opinion altogether. Dad’s blog about me expecting and not telling him was his funny way of getting me some new readers on my own blog. No apologies for your comments are necessary though. Luckily I have inherited my dad’s crazy sense of humor and, with even more luck, my children will as well. 🙂

  5. Good for You Kim, I`m there as well (in the humor dept) , I really enjoy yor dads humor…also enjoyed meeting him in David about a year ago….I imagine it wont be the last time

  6. Don: I know that I have AMD and my eyesight is lacking but your beautiful daughter, in my opinion, is a dead ringer for Megan Kelly of Fox News. This is a compliment.

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