My Daughter’s Expecting

When you are 70 years old and your daughter breaks the news that she is expecting, via a blog, well I have to tell you that it does take a while to get your blood pressure back to normal.

What’s even worse, she says that she is in her third trimester. I mean really! Isn’t there a better way to break the news. How about FaceTime or Skype. Some method that provides some face to face communication.

Don’t I deserve some small amount of consideration? Wouldn’t you feel the same way if you were blindsided with news like this in a non-personal way like a blog post? I think so.

I remember when she was the bundle that was on the way. I called my mother and personally told her the good news. I was so proud. Had there been FaceTime or Skype in those days, I would have used them.

Now I realize that when this little bundle is here, I will be proud again. I know that so much happiness will be given to so many people when this bundle is delivered, but still. I can’t keep from thinking that there is a better way to tell your father.

Maybe I am over reacting. She is an adult after all. She didn’t have to ask my permission. Tell me what you think when you read her announcement. To read what she had to say, click HERE.

21 thoughts on “My Daughter’s Expecting

  1. Don, I’m not a grandfather yet, but I can understand your being upset. I hope I’m wrong, but perhaps blogs and twitters on events like impending births are what pass for the “personal touch” these days?

  2. Well, my two kids are not going to have kids, so I will never know how I would feel being told that way.
    Guess things are done differently these days by the younger ones, if it’s any consolation— I’ll buy you a drink when we meet in Sept . !
    Feel better now ? RAS

  3. There are always going to be some people who react before reading the entire story….Don, this was a very interesting way of getting you to the announcement though!

  4. Well, Don, you are 70 and I am 71 but I don’t know what is happening to this generation for non-communication. We don’t have kids, just Gov’t intervention and an alcoholic husband that I live with and don’t communicate in the same house. He can’t use a computer and yells at me for being on it for transfers and information that I have to make. He doesn’t know the essentials of communication via net or me. I guess we just have to settle down. ???? The OLD SCHOOL HAS LEFT. DUH.

  5. Just be patient Don and enjoy your new born whit love, and I know than you like me have to take it ease, things are not what it was years a go. your friend Cuban Joe from Costarica.

  6. Hi Don: I’m getting the impression that some of the commentators on this board haven’t read “HER ANNOUNCEMENT”. Please all, before commentating, read “HER ANNOUNCEMENT”.
    Congratulations Don on having a sweet and intelligent Daughter and on you for having a great sense of humor.


  7. OK, OK, so she is in her 3rd Trimester, it is never too late for you get started Don, get Dragon Naturally Speaking and start talking, stop being a man of few words and just think like a female and the words will come roaring out, just like the spillway at Hoover Dam, that we just visited! ROFLOL

  8. Don…..Just stay with all of us and what you have to deal with what is happening to you and all of us. Take a deep breath and be with us and we will be with you.

  9. Hello Don! We have a daughter that does not have much to do with us. We did not know that she was even pg nor that she delivered our first grandchild and never told us. We found out through another family member! I am sorry and I know how it feels. All the best Don. Call me!

  10. It is certainly obvious where daughter gets her writing style/sense of humor. The nut truly does not fall far from the tree. Too funny, and reading both blogs: too, too funny!

  11. Don, Thanks for your follow-up note, highlighting your daughter’s link in caps, to make the point: Read your daughter’s blog! Sorry, my bad, I was too lazy to click the link, and so took your posting too literally. I’ve now read your daughter’s blog and congrats to her on her new “baby”! Hope the “baby” prospers, take care, L

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