Breaking Bread With A Good Friend

The other evening, Tom McCormack dropped by for coffee, conversation and to break bread. If there is anyone that can use a little time off, it is Tom.

I think he told me he fitted his 80th leg last week. He has made many more connections and is currently obtaining the equipment for his next container shipment.  His last shipment can be seen HERE.

Every time I am with Tom he asks me if I have seen a new born baby wrapped in red. Over the years, he has picked up many of the superstitions of Panama. He took home one of Malcolm Henderson’s new books to see if Malcolm had any superstitions, in Bocas, he hadn’t heard of.

I had a great time visiting with Tom. There is nothing better than breaking bread with people that care about others and Tom is at the top of my list. Tom never asks for donations for his foundation, but he likes having volunteers come when he has a container to unload. The next will be sometime around October.

In closing, here is a photo of the bread I baked to go with the coffee Tom and I shared. Tom cracked me up because he asked me if I ever eat anything I don’t take a photo of. I told him, “Not often, and if I ever get food poisoning I will know right where it came from.”


It is real nice and fresh day that is greeting me this morning. I plan on having a wonderful day. Give someone a hug today. Call your best friend and tell them you have been thinking about them.You will both feel better because of it.

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  1. Thank you so much Don Ray I hope I can get to med whit you in a few month when I arrive to David, I will be moving there soon, Cuban Joe

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