The Roswell Conspiracy

The Roswell ConspiracyI just finished reading The Roswell Conspiracy by Boyd Morrison. If you are a Clive Cussler fan (I am) and have enjoyed the Dirk Pitt adventures (I have), then you will be right at home with The Roswell Conspiracy and its leading character Tyler Locke.

I like a book that is fun to read, has real world foundation and yet stretches your imagination. This book did that. Boyd’s characters come to life and you keep turning the pages hoping that they will survive the next challenge.

This is the first book I have read of Boyd Morrison, but with as much enjoyment as I had out of this one, it won’t be the last.

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  3. Gordo – I need to see if my daughter has a library card. She should do that. Unfortunately, I don’t have one.

    Sunny – I got this one off BookBub.

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