Sticker Shock

Last Sunday, we went to the Steak House for our Sunday outing. It has been our favorite among all of the Chinese restaurants. Good quality, large quantity, and reasonably priced.

Last Sunday, I got sticker shock! The prices definitely caught me off guard. My memory may be faulty and it has been a while since I had eaten there, but it appeared to me that all prices has gone up from 30 – 50%.

Here is the orders for the day.

IMG_0275After looking at the prices, I didn’t order my normal fried shrimp, but went for a pork sandwich. Cheapest thing I could find on the menu. I think it was $6, which is ok for a pork sandwich and fries, but there was little pork on the sandwich.



Others went for egg rolls, sweet and sour fish, and chicken tenders.


I know prices on everything has gone up. Meals at Hotel Ciudad de David have gone up to $14 on weekdays and $18 on Sunday, but those are large buffets with all you can eat.

Chinese is typically the cheapest type of food to eat. Not any more, I guess if I were visiting from the US, I would not have noticed the increase, but last Sunday I had sticker shock.

12 thoughts on “Sticker Shock

  1. $6.00 for a sandwich , at Chinese…sounds like they charge more than here in Houston…my closest restaurant “Far East” charges $4.95 to $7.95 for their menu items…and they just went up about $0.50 on their menu last year

  2. It’s still easy to find a good meal in Texas for under $10.00. I’ll be happy to get back to Panama, though. This is a very difficult place to eat healthy!

  3. Sounds like Panama is not the bargin it once was—- looking at the prices for B&B’s, Hotels, and food prices !
    I just bought 300 lbs of 15-18 count shrimp to the pound for $ 3.50 a pound in Golden Meadow Louisiana.
    Still going to visit in September tho—- just to see. RAS

  4. I don’t think anyone should move here because of the prices of things. It is the environment I like. Still, I doubt that I could buy the quality vegetables in the states for the price I pay here.

  5. OK, rural parts of LA, Arkansas, TN. are still in good shape as far as industrial polution goes.
    I shamelessly share your one liners with friends, they think I am so witty, but sometimes they just groan or swear at some of the things I repeat from you, See you in September ! RAS

  6. Today a pepper shrimp and garlic fish lunch with one bear and one juice. $37 tip not included. Thank you good bye!

  7. At those prices, I could not even say Hello. $ 7.00 per person at the Great Wall of China Buffet in Baton Rouge LA All you can eat too ! I am rethinking the low prices I expected in Panama. Will be there the first two weeks of September to see for myself !

  8. We learned a lesson and can’t get out of it with living on a fixed income that we thought Panama would be an alternative to the US….All is going down and wish we lived in the 80’s again…We have a friend that moved out of the US, to Panama and now, going into Belize and, it is — it is $$$$$ ..problems there also…..If you are rich — no problem….. .All Gov’t is out of control, everywhere. We don’t know what to do. God Bless us all…..

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