Gringos Restaurant

Wednesday, Lilliam and I had to run up to the Frontera. We returned around 11:30, just in time for lunch at Gringos. I may be the last Gringo, in Chiriquí, to visit Gringos. I know I promised a Google Map on my announcement post, but yesterday, it completely slipped my mind.

Gringo's RestaurantIt is easy to find. As you drive toward Concepcion from David, just keep your eyes peeled for a brightly colored water wheel in the photo to the right. When you see it, you will be there. If you get to the city, you went to far. The photo was facing in the David direction.

Here is a photo of the front of the restaurant.

Gringo's Restaurant

You have your option of sitting inside or outside next to a running stream. The inside is brightly decorated and very attractive.

Gringo's Restaurant

We chose the outside with the running stream. It was a cool day and the outside was such a pleasant setting.

Gringo's RestaurantGringo's Restaurant

Gary, the proprietor, came out to welcome us. His mexican-food background comes from time spent in Mexico, San Antonio Texas, Arizona and I think California. He said his recipes were a blend of what he liked best from those areas.

Gringo's RestaurantWe started off with chips and salsa,. The salsa is on the left in the following photo. Gary also brought a little of the enchilada sauce for me to try. Both sauces were very good and the chips were fresh and crisp.




Gringo's RestaurantLilliam ordered a chicken wrap. It came with some chipolte sauce, which had too much fire for Lilliam. Gary had warned her ahead of time. She switched to the chip salsa and enchilada sauce.




Gringo's RestaurantI ordered pork enchiladas. They were good, but different from my normal TexMex style. However, it was still the best Mexican food I have had in Panama. I thought the refried beans and rice was spot on.

Lilliam and I both had more than we could eat, so the take home served as dinner the same day.

It was a great meal, and a great setting. My expectations were exceeded. I will return.

9 thoughts on “Gringos Restaurant

  1. I’ve eaten there several times and always found the food delicious and the hospitality top notch. My favorite plate is the chilies rellenos. Baked rather than fried. Try one.

  2. Thanks for posting this revue, Don Ray. I think that Gringo’s restaurant deserves all the support we can muster.

  3. Kim and I had a great supper there a few days ago. The only thing that bothered us was the fact that there was no one else there at 6:15 pm. We will make it a point to eat there frequently and hope everyone else does the same.

  4. Seems like the chips and salsa was $3.75, my enchiladas were around $9 and the wrap was $7 or so. I didn’t pay that much attention to the prices as I was more interested in the flavor. When a type of product is hard to find, I will spend more if the quality is there.

  5. It’s okay for TexMex food, but definitley not “auténtica comida Mexicana”. I ate there several months back and ordered the Tostadas, my friend ordered Enchiladas. The Tostadas was so overwhelmingly chock full it was difficult to eat. I tasted the Enchiladas and found the salsa on the enchilada strange tasting, not what, I have had in Mexico or in the States in a Mexican owned restaurant. Sorry, Gary, I’m giving your place a thumbs down.

  6. Authentic?
    When people start talking about authentic ethnic food of any type, my eyes just glaze over.
    I would challenge the last poster to provide the name of any Mexican/TexMex style restaurant in all of Chiriqui that provides better tasting food. I’m serious.
    Cause IF there is a better one, I’d sure like to try it.

    If you have the opportunity, ask Gary to make the ceviche dish he just tried out (not on the menu yet). Wonderful.

  7. gordo ~ i have never eaten @ gringos but feel the same way as you do about the food snobs who talk ‘authentic mexican’…. these are the same folks who love a nasty fish soup/stew argh! can hardly wait to try gringos myself.

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