Unlikely Friends

We have been adopted by two cats. One is very friendly and always greets us when we get ready for our morning walk. I don’t know if it is a he or a she.

It always comes out to say hello in the morning. It wants its head scratched and I am sure wants a bowl of food. We have not adopted it, however, and do not put food out to give it more encouragement.

IMG_0283Still it is comical to watch this one in the morning. It wants to be Koki’s friend as well. It will rub on Koki, head to head and body to body. What amazes me is that Koki could care less and rarely pays attention to the cat.

IMG_0284This morning, the cat was trying to get Koki to play. In this photo, the cat was below the bench talking to Koki. Koki looks to be in a playful mood too.

IMG_0287In this last photo, they decided to pose for the camera. Two different species of animals that aren’t natural friends. However, both have accepted the other and in their own way have bonded. Too bad people don’t accept differences as easily as these two. The world would be a happier place.

The second cat is not as friendly. It still hangs around the house, but is afraid of people. He does slip around the back of the house where Koki’s food and water bowl is and helps himself to a meal. That is until Koki sees him and then there is barking galore.

I guess the moral is offer friendship and it will be returned. Steal my food and receive my wrath.

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  1. In case you are interested, cat #1 is most likely a female. She is a calico and rarely (almost never) are calicos male. Males only have bi-colored genes, but females can have tri-colored genes, creating either the calico or tortoise coloring.

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