How Much Misses Your Eyes

This morning, on our walk, Lilliam commented on the pretty flowers in this tree. I decided to take a photo so that I could look up the tree on the Internet.

When I was working with the photo I noticed that the flowers were covered with bees. I had not noticed them when I took the photo.

It just shows you how easy it is to pass through life with so many interesting things in front of us and if we are not really observant, we will not even know what we missed. Another reason to stop and smell the roses as we travel through life.

However, I would not recommend smelling the roses, if they currently occupied with bees.

1 thought on “How Much Misses Your Eyes

  1. So many times, I am so busy doing things, I forget to stop everything, including my racing thoughts, and just be. After all,are we not human beings?

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