What An Improvement!

Last night I got the memory upgrade to the Mac Mini. I went from 2 GB to 16 GB. The PC had been about to drive me crazy, in fact I only used it when I had to.

Now, I can have multiple tasks open, email, photo editor, multiple tabs on the browser and nothing slows down.

One more task off the “To Be Done” list. Now I am ready for Apple to release their next OS upgrade which is scheduled later this year.

8 thoughts on “What An Improvement!

  1. I need a memory upgrade too. I can’t remember anything any more. I am really slowing down too. So Apple has something that can help me.

  2. Well, my memory upgrade was an Apple. I keep reminders on my calendar. When it is time to wind the clocks on Sunday, an alarm goes off. I will not discuss the rest of the reminders I have running. 😉

  3. HI DR,

    I just came back with a new MacMini, 2.6 i7processor, fusion 1tb drive and 16gb of ram, It is a smoking piece of gear, I run VMware Windoz emulator. Both OS’s start up in about 15 seconds woo hoo!



  4. Does anyone recommend any backup software for the HD if it fails. To clone the HD so if it goes down one can boot it from the backup HD. A free reliable Soft will be great.


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