Burglary Alert in Alto Boquete

I received the following from The Alto al Crimen Team

“There are two kinds of people who sleep well at night – the ignorant and the prepared.”

Saturday morning we received a report of a burglary in Alto Boquete that took place on Thursday afternoon. The house sitter made a trip to town and when she came back, her laptop, camera and other valuables were taken. She provided unconfirmed reports of two more burglaries in that area this week.

If you live in the Alto Boquete area you are vulnerable to crime at this time due to the construction activity.  If you would like a personal home risk factor evaluation, please contact us at info@altoalcrimen.org.
For the whole story about these crimes and how to protect yourself, please see our Crime Update on the Alto al Crimen web site.
The Alto al Crimen Team – Boquete

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