Volcan Town Meeting Wednesday, July 10th at 10:00 AM at Mana’s Restaurant

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Greetings Everyone:

Town Meeting: Wednesday, July 10th at 10:00 am. at Mana’s Restaurant in Volcan

Enjoy breakfast or lunch at Mana’s!

There will be 3 great speakers at Town Meeting in Volcan concerning two topics: What are the best Latin American countries to have a residence in?
Which service is the safest e-mail service, such as yahoo, gmail, or aol, and how to protect your privacy with some simple and easy suggestions.
The first speaker moved his family from Panama to Uruguay, four years ago .NOW he has moved the family from Uruguay back to Panama due to the
inflated currency of Uruguay and the USA making the cost of living too high and tight to live on his pension. In general, the crime rate in Uruguay, has escalated rapidly and the buying power of a fixed income has decreased. Consequently, it was necessary to return to Panama. Both speakers have lived
in other South American countries over the last 10 years.

The second speaker lived in Belize for over 30 years and traveled extensively throughout all Central America. The two speakers have information to share with you and are equipped to answer your questions.

Some of the subjects covered are ;

Inflation and cost of living
Currency controls and banking
Roads, telephone, Internet
Fishing, hunting, boating, hiking,
English fluency
Night life and restaurants
Quality of housing and pricing
Cars and public transportation
Foreign residency

The speakers do not have all the answers but what they do not know they can refer you to sources of information.

Our final computer expert will begin with a very brief introduction of a few easy and simple methods to increase computer and Internet safety which virtually eliminates the most frequent
problems of real people. To increase safety we will be using methods generally ignored and not taught.

We are not protected from the Feds invading your telephone conversations or Internet email until the Supreme Court declares the Patriot Act unconstitutional under the First and Fourth amendment.
Snowden made us all aware of this recently.

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  1. We did go to this meeting specifically to enjoy breakfast at Mana’s beforehand as stated in the notice. The notice maker however did not share this little tidbit with Jorge….. he opens at 11:00. We know his lunch is soooo good that we had great anticipation. Bless their hearts they were very busy, yet offered to rustle something up. We will need to make another trip soon. 🙂

  2. Mana is good and fresh.when in Valcon visit the trout farm for smoked trout $7. Or fillets $4 last time.there. steam the trout and lay it over pasta. No lie!

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