Moving Away From Google

For a long time I have been dissatisfied with Google as a company. Too many reasons to enumerate. It started when I was using Linux and I did not like Google’s lack of sharing with the Linux community.

Then when they came out with their own Linux branded Android, I vowed to never use it.

As a result, I have now moved all of my PCs over to BING for my search engine of choice. IPad, iPhone and PCs no longer use Google.

Oddly enough, I like the BING home page better than the Google home page I had been using.

I wish I could get away from Gmail, but unfortunately, I have too many to change them all. I never like the Hotmail domain name and that is what moved me to Gmail. Now that Microsoft has changed to, I may consider migrating away from Gmail.

I have also removed the Chrome browser from my PCs. If I need another browser than Safari (my default browser), I will use Firefox or Opera.

I guess my biggest problem with Google is that they are an information company and not a product company. They track all information flow and know more about everyone than anyone in the world. Their products are designed around gathering information from their users.

No More.

This is my protest for today. No more Google. USE BING!

13 thoughts on “Moving Away From Google

  1. Thanks for that explanation, Don. I agree about Google, though I’m forced to use it at present. Never used Bing but I’ll definitely check it out.

  2. I recently bought a new PC and it came with Windows 8 whose default search engine is Bing and also the news is by Bing. I actually like both better than Google. Unfortunately I cannot get rid of Chrome as I have two software programs that are optimized for Chrome.

  3. I guess being OLD, STUPID, or smart at 71 yrs of age and not computer literate, I never signed into Google, Facebook OR twitter…Let everyone else enjoy the problems….

  4. I had always thought the opposite but you make a great point for switching and I just used Bing and it doesn’t have all the advertisements that are totally ridiculous on Google. I have had my biggest issues with Microsoft for always thinking they know better how I want my computer to operate than I do and constantly changing my settings on upgrades (I cringe at the thought). Also, the cookies that MS puts out every time I go to Hotmail seems to border on the high side of ridiculous. That is why I use Firefox for my search engine because I can easily delete history after each web page that I visit. I have also been a little aggravated in the past about how uncooperative MS was about letting the use of things like Firefox for smooth connections. Hey, you are the one who got me into Magic Jack now I will go with Bing. Thanks for a another great article.

  5. Also, to further mask your travels on the net you might want to go to and download some of their great programs. I’ve been using them for about 6 months and they do what they say and do not collect your info or store it anywhere. For example “chiriquechatternet” was tracking me but “DoNotTrackMe” blocked them. They also have a program that encrypts your email addresses.. They are free unless you upgrade to other high end programs but it’s not necessary.

  6. Jim, Thanks for the “DoNotTrackMe” recommendation. Too bad they don’t support Opera, but I did apply it to Safari and Firefox.

  7. My post was about the entire company GOOGLE as I see it. I see Microsoft as a product company and Google as an information company. And yes, I think Microsoft has more integrity than Google. My opinion.

  8. It seems simple enough. I installed abine (thanks, Jim F.), then I hit bing’s homepage and Google’s home page. bing is tracking me on facebook and bing, Google is tracking me on 18 other ad sites. And that’s just the homepages.
    Who knows WHAT the NSA is tracking?

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