Tres Piedras

Tres Piedras is the latest book I have read and I just completed it today.

I know the author, Robert Hatting. He has helped me on multiple occasions with cases I have had volunteering as Warden for the US Embassy in Panama.

One case was a young man whose father (a treasure salvager) was murdered off the coast of one of the locations mentioned in Tres Piedras. Bob’s knowledge of ships provided excellent consulting for the young man who needed to sell his father’s boat. Bob appraised it and his estimate was on target.

Bob’s ship experience winds up being a large part of Tres Piedras.

On another case, Bob volunteered to be the auctioneer to help me sell off the belongings of a US Citizen that was murdered in Panama and whose kids could not afford to come to Panama to settle their dad’s affairs. I imagine auctioneering is something he picked up during the cowboy phase of his life. The country in Bob shows up in this book.

I have read and enjoyed another of Bob’s books, which was The Last Fruit Stand on Guam. Yes, Bob spent time in Guam and added that experience to his book inventory.

Bob has lived an interesting life and his life’s experiences seem to find their way into his books. Tres Piedras is his latest and he calls it a novella, because it is shorter than most of his other books. The majority of this book takes place around Panama.

In an opening note in his book he wrote the following.

TRES PIEDRAS was inspired, and certainly influenced, by my recent exposure to the woman I’ve dreamed and written about my entire adult life. She was always a fictional character; the loyal life partner that made life worth living. Now, this heroine is part of my real life and inspires not only my imagination but my way of living.”

I am happy that Bob has a lady in his life. I am happy she is making writing as well as living fun for him again.

I will tell you this. This book is written in ADULT language, and the scenes contain plenty of sexual narrative. If you are prudish in what you like to read or if you have a weak heart, I would pass on this book.

However, if you want to put a little salsa in a dreary afternoon, it will spice things up for you.

7 thoughts on “Tres Piedras

  1. Personally, I don’t think I’d want to read anything whatsoever that referred to the human condition, cultural or social mores, life experiences, observations, historical perspectives, real-life or fictional characters of any stripe, yearning and/or romance, faith, puppies, strippers, or the essence and stuff of life itself. I only read periodicals about ramen noodle packaging.
    PS: there may be some really exciting ramen noodle packaging news breaking any day! I’m certain everybody will be waiting with great anticipation!

  2. Don, sounds like a good book, will keep my eyes open for it.

    Wow wryawry, live much? You know that saying “get a life”, sounds like it was thought of for you. lol Not to be mean or disrespectful, but Don and his blog informs a lot of us on some great info that he passes on, some trivial, some not so. I for one love to hear of new books and such.

    Here’s some info about your Ramen noodle’s, it is full of sodium and I dont think there is any salsa in it.

  3. Gulp. Um. Gosh, Marianne, what was intended to give a giggle was certainly not intended to be perceived as snarky; and my apologies if that was the case. Not only am I a great fan of Don’s blog; I also relish the written word in all its many guises, even when intended for more — ahem — mature audiences; and my comment was based upon Mr. William’s caveats pertaining to the reviewed tome’s raciness.

    Clearly I need to hone my rapier to reduce the sting. Meantime,

    I remain,

    salting the noodles,


  4. wryawry is one of those folks who types while his tongue is firmly planted in his cheek. Keep up the good word, Dav.

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