It’s Going To Be A Great Day

It is 7:45 – 75 degrees – the sun is shining, and I feel wonderful! I know it is going to be a great day.

I am going to the Fronteria soon, and plan on enjoying the scenery all along the way.

Some days you just get up and say, “WOW – I am happy to be alive!”

Yesterday we got to spend some quality time with a good friend in Potrerillos. I got to have a piece of the most scrumptious pie I have ever had. I found out it was an old secret family recipe and couldn’t get a copy or I would have had to be killed.

No problem, when I need another slice, I will just head to Potrerillos!

It is Saturday and time To reflect on all that is going right. I hope your week has been as wonderful as mine and the next week is even better. I know mine will be!

Enjoy your weekend!

8 thoughts on “It’s Going To Be A Great Day

  1. A buddy of mine asked a question about an organization I work with. I told him it was top-secret, and if I told him I’d have to kill him. He said, “could you tell my ex-wife?”

  2. This is just the kind of day that we are looking forward to, 39 days until we leave for our Third Life in Panama.
    Great Blog and writing, thanks, Don!

  3. Once again who are you? and who appointed that in Panama? I am really curious about why you choose David! Honestly, David is hot, dusty, and by excellence the residents are pretty snobs in a way, proud of their heritage, somos llamados “ganao bravo”. Personally,I find the city very attach to their ways and non happy with foreign intrusion. Is hard to buy a country, and I am surprise that Chiriqui is happy with the trade off. Panama already had have a hard time with the Canal, the invasion over that ugly dictatorship Noriega and now USA citizens taken over? When i visited my friends and the people does give me an stiff face so good luck.

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