Scorpions Underfoot?

I have been seeing a fair amount of comments lately about scorpions. I personally haven’t seen any since I left Boquete. My friend and fellow blogger, Joel, must have been keeping them all to himself in David. Here is is latest post.

Normally scorpions don’t move to the city. However, if an area is being used for new construction, they may find their way to adjoining neighborhoods. I have a few areas that could host these critters, but to this point, they have stayed away.

Joel, I appreciate you keeping them in your area and not sending them my way.

7 thoughts on “Scorpions Underfoot?

  1. Maybe it’s because we’re right next to the woods and the river? They say things come in threes, so if we spot a third one we’d be happy to bring it to you so you don’t feel left out 😀

  2. We live in Los Algarrobos and, on occasion, maybe lX per yr., there are one or two scorpions in the house….I guess they like our accommodations ??

  3. Scorpiins love towels and that’s where one found my foot. That makes 1 sting in Panama and 2 in Costa Rica. I think I’ve had my share.

  4. Why did you relocate from Boquete to David? I am considering visiting Boquete for a 3 to 4 month period per year.

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