A Most Wonderful Day!

I have to tell you that this is starting off to be a most wonderful day. Besides receiving special greetings from blood family, extended family and friends, I have been greeted with a day that is absolutely gorgeous.

The sun is shinning bright, the birds are singing their heads off, the air is fresh and once again I find myself above ground. As we all know as we grow older, any day above ground is a great day. However, this day better than many.

My wish to you is that you take notice of your day. Realize that we are here for a limited time and time is not to be wasted – especially time with family and loved ones.

It doesn’t have to be a recognized time of expressing affection, such as Father’s Day. All days are days to tell those you care about that you care about them. I often forget that and know that I am luckier than most, so my forgetfulness of more onerous than other’s forgetfulness.

I will consider this another reminder for myself.

3 thoughts on “A Most Wonderful Day!

  1. Amen to it is a great day. I believe we have a family of birds nesting next to the house and I could hear the little mouths wanting to be fed. Happy Father’s Day everyone.

  2. Morning Don,
    My Father’s Day is too busy for one day so I started yesterday. Since Nena is down where you are, my daughter-in-law cooked me a delicious breaded porkchop supper with all the trimmings. Next, my grandson presented me with a new pair of Margaritaville shoes to replace my ducktaped Rockports (they are SO comfortable!).

    This morning, both sons and I did breakfast and a movie; biscuits and gravy with Man of Steel. The rest of today I plan on doing nothing. haha Life IS good.

  3. Happy Father’s Day – it’s good to say that to someone since mine has passed. And, you are a fabulous dancer!!!!!

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