The Same Is Now Different

I have spent the last couple days migrating my PC operations to a new PC ( New for me at least). I was lucky enough to learn of a fantastic 2011 Mac Mini that was for sale. Another person was considering it and had asked for my evaluation of the system. I said it was a fantastic buy.

However, the individual was looking for a system to run Windows and multiple displays and by the time memory was added to the new system and the Windows OS was purchased, it would have cost more than a new Windows 8 PC, so it wasn’t purchased. Also, running multiple displays would have required using at least one of the Apple displays and they cost as much as many PCs.

I said I would take it when it came available and it is replacing my 2010 Mac Mini. For me its only shortcoming was its lack of memory. It had 2 GB of memory and I tend to have many tasks running and operating in that manner, it doesn’t run, it creeps. In fact until I get the memory upgraded, I will probably only use it to store my files for backup.

I have ordered 16 GB of memory from the US for $107 and it will arrive in July. Current price from Apple would be $400. With that memory, it should should do everything I want.

The difference between my PC and the new one is minimal, when comparing compute power, but the new one communicates to my Apple TV and my 2010 mini didn’t. That was the main reason for the switch.

I have a friend that has been looking for a PC for some Native Panamanian Indians so they can continue their education. They will be using my old PC. One transaction and many beneficiaries.

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