The Execution

I am not sure how I became acquainted with the BookBub.  It is a site that notifies you of eBooks being sold at an excellent value. Each day, after signing up, you will receive an email with current specials. The books are available for the majority of the popular readers.

The good thing is that you will be presented with a lot of great reading at prices beginning at $0. The bad news is that in a matter of a week, if you are value conscious like I am, you will have several weeks of reading in front of you. At this rate, I will never get them all read.

It was through BookBub that I found The Execution by Sharon Cramer.

I took mine as an Apple download, but the link I provided above is for the Kindle.

Here is the description the was provided by Amazon;

The Execution is a powerful piece of dark, romantic fiction. A gripping thriller, set in the fourteenth century, it has strong elements of romance and intrigue. This book will propel you along in ways you’ve never experienced as you follow two parallel stories that come crashing together in a stunning finale. Award winning author, Sharon Cramer will break your heart beautifully as she compels you to recall what absolute hate and perfect love truly feel like.

When the young priest, D’ata, faces the ruthless killer to be executed the next morning, all is not as it seems, and things quickly crash out of control for both of them. Set in fourteenth century France, it is an epic, two-sided tale, woven amidst the cataclysms of that magnificent and wretched time as the two men tell the astonishing stories of their lives.

Recommended for adults only: Contains Graphic Violence, Sexuality, and Mature, Adult Situations

It was the book cover that caught my eye and I downloaded it with minimal expectations. Amazon’s description is on target. Especially it’s adult reading recommendation.

I am one of those folks you notice sometimes in a movie that is sniffling, if not downright bawling, when a movie has done a good job of doling out a very emotional scene.

It is something I can’t help. I get involved in the movie and its characters and when they are happy I am happy and when they are sad I am sad.

However, I think this may be the first book that produced so much moisture streaming down my cheeks. To say it was a page turner is not enough.

The mental images that are presented in this book capture you and you are transported into the 14th century. You will find yourself deeply involved with the characters and hoping that the next chapter is better for them.

I will make a bet with you. If you read this book’s first chapter to its very end, you will not put the book down.

I need a tissue.

10 thoughts on “The Execution

  1. If you want to change your book downloads from one format to another there is, It is a shareware site, you can download the software and donate if you wish to do so. It is available in several different formats including a 64 Bit version.

  2. Hi sunny.

    Yes, I have looked at that software, but I usually read on my iPad and have all the native readers. If I get the book from Apple, I use iBook. Amazon, the Kindle and Nook for B&N.

  3. I liberated my Nook Color by releasing it into the wild as a “Dual-Boot Android” using a Micro SD Card all loaded up and ready to go that I bought from AFN Products via Amazon for $19.99.

    Looks like they also have cards for later models of the Nook.

    I was chafing under the yoke of B&N but I was afraid to try to do “rooting”.

  4. Don, I would love to read this book. Sounds great. Quick question though. The last time I was in the states, I was going to buy a Kindle Fire HD, it had just come out at the time. As an avid reader, it is hard getting books here in Panama. So thought to buy this. I was told you have to be physically in the US to download on the Kindle, is this incorrect? That is what they told me in the store, so I didn’t buy it. Please let me know if they were incorrect. I see you and others have mentioned that they use it. And now that I am back here, they do not sell it here in the Panama stores, so I thought that was the reason why.

  5. There are definite limitations to some material for Kindle and other Internet sites in Panama. My friend Omar in Panama bought a Kindle Fire and has blogged about his displeasure with the availability of content in Panama. I don’t know if it is books or other media.

    I have no problem receiving any content from the US at the present because as far as the Internet is concerned, I am in Texas.

  6. It sure would be nice if the limitations do not apply to ebooks. As per the New York Times piece published in April, the R. M. Koster’s Tinieblas Trilogy is being reissued.


    “‘The Prince’ is actually the first part of what has come to be known as “The Tinieblas Trilogy,” all three of whose titles refer to treatises by Machiavelli. Overlook Press plans to reissue the other two titles, “The Dissertation” and “Mandragon,” both originally published in the 1970s — and both with cult followings of their own — between now and the summer of 2014.”

    Since the “The Prince” appeared in ebook as soon as it was reissued, it seems safe to assume that will be the case with the other two.

    Full disclosure: I ain’t no literary critic. And anyone would didn’t care for the style of “In the Time of the Tyrants” should skip the Tinieblas Trilogy.

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