Smart TVs Are Currently For Idiots

I am amazed at the prices that are being charged for the quote “Smart TVs” that are available in PanaFoto, AudioFoto, MultiMax, PriceSmart, etc. in David. Adding “Smart” to the TV bumps the price by several hundred dollars.

A much smarter move is to buy the Highest Definition TV you can get with an HDMI input, but without all the other smarts. Add the smarts by buying one of the streaming devices such as an Apple TV or a ROKU 3.

Both of those devices will cost you at most $100. ROKU 3 currently has the most content, but anyone with investment in other Apple gear will like the Apple TV for its AirPlaycapability.

I have an Apple TV and love it. I bought it from the Refurb store in Apple for $85 and had a friend bring it to me. With it, I can watch HULU and see most of the current TV series a few days late. By using the AirPlay feature, I just put HULU on my laptop and send the image to the Apple TV.

I thought I had found a ROKU 3 used and was going to put it in my bedroom. However, it slipped through my fingers. Its advantage would have been having headphones that plug into the remote.

If you are in the market for a new TV, don’t get caught up in the hype of a Smart TV. There are much cheaper ways to accomplish the same thing,

6 thoughts on “Smart TVs Are Currently For Idiots

  1. Hi Don Ray – quick note to let you know that the prices of TVs in Panama (Smart or otherwise) are lower than that in the US. We’ve recently looked both here in the stores you noted and the States and found the price difference to be significant. You warn folks not to get caught up in the hype as there are cheaper ways to accomplish the sames results without buying a Smart TV; this is provided you have access to the add-ons you noted (haven’t yet seen them available here) and will add $200+ to your purchase price. Then, we get into your area of expertise: the technological know-how. Or in our case, the lack thereof. Essentially what I’m saying is that for some of us idiots and future idiots, buying a Smart TV might be the better move. Certainly less frustrating. Regards, DSD

  2. The add ons I have talked about are Apple TV and RoKu. Apple TV ($100) is carried at PanaFoto, MultiMax and PriceSmart. Roku (<$100) was being sold at PriceSmart, but it was not the model I would want. Most technology is about 20 to 30% higher in Panama than the US. Also the TV models are usually not as current as in the US. However, I did buy a Yamaha receiver here cheaper than I could have bought it from Amazon, so there are no absolutes. I paid $85 for my Apple TV in the US.

  3. Actually, I saw the Apple TV for $115. It is $99 in the US, and I always buy from the Apple refurbished store and it is $85 there. 🙂

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