Reflecting on a Rainy Day

Have you ever sat back and asked yourself if there was anything you are really missing in your life? You know that special item that would make you complete. I do that often and I am always relieved when I come to the conclusion that I have it all.

Oh, sure I could wish that my kids had more money and in my son’s case better health. However, I would never wish that they had so much money that they would lose the appreciation one gets from the simpler things in life.

I have mentioned this before. I have had more money in the past, but I have never had more happiness. As I sit on my terrace a gentle rain is making circles on the swimming pool. The air is fresh from the cleansing the rain is providing.

I have beautiful music playing on Pandora, my tummy is full and I finished reading the book I just wrote about in a previous post. I think the the book was even improved by the environment in which it was read. There is nothing like reading in a music filled stress free setting.

Even the occasional thunder added to the chemistry of making me think all is right with the world. I wish more people could feel as good as I feel today.

The biggest challenge I am facing is deciding what type of bread to bake tomorrow. I promised I would cook lunch tomorrow, and I think some fresh baked bread will be a welcome addition. I normally bake a Dill Bread recipe, but this time I want something different. Suggestions are welcome.

I will, go by El Rey in the morning and pick up a couple items I am missing. Maybe a little wine will be called for as it will have been a long time since I took on the cooking duty. The wine will will either help celebrate a success or make everyone forget how bad it is.

“…A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread – and Thou Beside me singing in the Wilderness – Oh, Wilderness were Paradise enow!”

Have I told you that it really doesn’t get better than this?

4 thoughts on “Reflecting on a Rainy Day

  1. Wow! This makes me even more eager to both read the book you wrote about ( I bought it, but haven’t read it), and to make our move to Bocas del Toro in November. Thanks for repeated inspiration.

  2. Where do you get whole wheat flour and 5 grain rolled cereal in Panama? And, how do you translate these two items into Spanish?

  3. I never look for either of those items, so I will let someone else answer.

    And whole wheat flour is harina de trigo integral.

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