Koki’s Hearing Has Returned

You may remember that back in November of 2012, Koki had gone deaf. I am happy to report that it appears she is 100% back to normal. I never knew what caused the deafness and I have no idea why it has left. Now she is detecting all noises and before you could yell at her and she would not hear it.

None of the vet visits detected anything and she still couldn’t hear when she went to her first visit to Happy Pet. That was in February of this year. I will acknowledge that Happy Pet put her on some vitamin supplements. Coincidence or the cause for the cure, I don’t know.

Over the llast four months, I thought she was improving, and now I am ready to declare her fully back to normal.It is doggone good to have her back to normal.

8 thoughts on “Koki’s Hearing Has Returned

  1. THAT IS GREAT NEWS, er, uh, I mean, that is great news! Any chance she was just ignoring everyone? Nena claims my hearing seems to come and go sometimes but I always seem to hear the dinner plates being set out?

  2. Maybe she just wasn’t interested in what you were saying to her back then and ignored you. Who knows?

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