Getting Ready To Roll?

I was driving by the new Puma station on the InterAmerican Highway by Super Baru and noticed Jim “Jet” Neilson’s Jet Car.

You may remember that Jim was going to make a run in front of Chiriquí Mall back in 2010.

That run never happened when the finalization of the contract never happened. Jim is still in negotiations for a Panama run, but has not made any announcements or statements as to where, when or what might occur.

Jim was there today, putting a coat of wax on the car. If I remember correctly, he said he was waiting on an engine replacement for this car and has two more cars in Australia. I think he said one was being brought to Panama.

I mentioned to him that it also appeared he needed to change the rear tires. He said the tires were purposefully filed down for higher traction and used tires off an F14 which are 24 ply.

He said he has a European tour planned and another planned run in Dubai. You might say Jim is living in the fast lane. After looking on the inside, I said it looked like it would be a little scary to make a run. He said it was, but that gave him job security.

He said it had room for a second person in the cockpit, but I did not volunteer to go for a ride.

The most risky thing I do these days is taking a shower when I am out of gas to heat the water.


Following are today’s photos.

Stay tuned. If I get final information on a run in Panama, I will post it. In the meantime, if you are close to David, you might want to stop and take a look at the car.

7 thoughts on “Getting Ready To Roll?

  1. These cars are incredible. If you have never been to a jet car show, it is worth taking in. I use to go to them in NH. The feel of the thunder under you is an experience that you will not forget. If he ever does do a show in Panama, please make it known to us Don, I would definately make the trip to David for that.

  2. I was wondering what was going on with it. For the last year it’s been sitting in a lot across from the old Las Brisas on the InterAmerican.

  3. Don, if Jim ‘Jet’ has job security and is an honest person, please ask him why he hasn’t paid several months rent, electricity, etc. that he has owed in Los Molinos for almost 3 years. He always has an excuse, mostly blaming others. He is living “in the fast lane” skipping out on bills owed. This is not slander, but the true facts.

  4. Some times I wonder why people feel it’s OK to air the laundry publicly. If there’s a problem it should be dealt with privately.
    We’ve been fascinated by this car for years. It’s exciting to think it might come back to life. Thanks for the post Don.

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