Dairy Queen Less Than Ethical in David

This is a warning as to how DQ’s cash register system works. The other day we stopped into DQ. There were three of us and when we ordered, the cashier was told that two were jubilados and wished their discount.

Nothing was said. When the bill was presented, I asked if the cashier remembered the discount and was told yes.

When I went to the table I looked and only one discount was given. I went back and told the cashier that she had only given one discount. She called the manager.

He began by telling me in fast food restaurants they give less discount than other restaurants. I told him I understood and that the discount was 15%. I showed him the receipt.  Then he said their system was only set up to deliver one discount per receipt.

He told me that if 10 people were on the ticket or only one was on the ticket, both would receive the same discount.

Normally, I would ignore asking for a discount, but with U.S. franchised operations, I ask, because the discount is built in to their business model.

Lets look at the difference. Assume 10 jubilados went to DQ and one person picked up the tab for all. Lets also assume that each one had a $4.00 order.

The discount for one would be 60 cents. For ten people that would be $6.00. The company pocketed $5.40 (as in stole from the clients).

If you want the discount, that the law allows, you have to request all bills to be separate.

I told the manager that the problem with his particular store was that when the cashier was told that two wanted discounts, she should have rung them up separately. Instead she said nothing. Possibly due to her training.

To me this is a matter of ethics and it appears that DQ has been found lacking.

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  1. Thank you for reporting this. I hope DQ realizes that the will lose customers (ie me, for one) because of their “tricks” to cheat.

  2. the system works like this: before you order, you tell the cashier 2 jubilados and show her both id’s. so she can verify the age. then she rings receipts separately or together depending on how the register was set up. It is true that the law says that fast food chains give a lower percentage than restaurants. If it’s a sitting restaurant, when they bring the bill, you say how many jubilados and show the waitress ids. then she or he goes back and brings a new bill with the discounts.

  3. We went to DQ for chicken baskets and found out they only do ice cream. We never went back.

  4. Noris,

    She was told when the order was made that 2 were jubilados and ignored it. The manager tried to confuse facts by explaining the discount was less. This store needs to modify its practices. The cashier should have rung the checks up separately when she was told that two wished their discount. I feel it was done as planned by the management.

    They asked to see no identification. Some restaurants do, some don’t.

    I have lived here 10 years and understand the rules for requesting a discount.

    I will add that a properly trained manager, upon being informed if his cashier’s error, would have said, “I am sorry, you are correct. Let me correct the situation.” I would have told him to forget it,but at least I would have been satisfied that management believed in fairly treating clients.

    Instead, I left feeling that he was part of the problem for first trying to be deceptive.

  5. I went there on Sat. I did not see anything on the menu that appealed to me plus the a/c was turned down too low for me. I left and went to the food court at Super 99. I purchased a $1.45 hamburger.

  6. Most fast food chains, US franchised, have a 800 number or a contact number to get hold of corporate office. Contact them, let them know what happened and have them change the system, the rip off system. If that doesnt work, stop supporting that business.
    I have been noticing more and more, US based stores, have been doing some really shady practices lately. Bennigans on the Amador in Panama, crossed out the total on a printed receipt, and wrote in their own with an exta tip of $14.00. When I questioned it, the very nice waitress, informed me that it was ST. Patrick’s Day. LOL I took my pen out, crossed the $44. and change out, and wrote in the original $32.and change in and gave her the $32. and change. Now I dont know if it was just that waitress or if it was the restaurant, but it was my last time going there. PS, the tip was already included in the $32.00 total.

  7. Also note that the McDonalds, Fridays and KFC’s do NOT give jubilado discounts. When asked they just they don’t give those discounts,. We stopped going to McD’s a long time ago due to the GMO in their products and you never get whats in the pictures. If you want to have some fun….go inside and order a burger of your choice but be sure it is a product that there is a picture of over the counter. Then when you get it open it right there, look at it and say, “I sorry, but there seems to be a mistake. I ordered that one on the sign. This is something else.” When she say no that’s correct, Say no that the sandwich has no meat and the one on the sign has meat on it. Then ask to see the manager to ask for your money back.

  8. Jim, I always have been given a full discount at McDonald’s and TGIFridays. KFC gives the discount, but not on special promotions.

  9. my comment wont have anything to do with discounts , but taste…the McDs McPollo/McChicken tastes lots better in Santiago and David than in Houston! Must be ‘happier chickens’….lol

  10. I stopped going to DQ years ago because in the states, McDonalds has the same soft serve white stuff for 1/3 the price and I don’t have taste buds that know the difference as I am quiet sure there is none except the price.

  11. I can only speak for the Chitre stores and the Friday’s in PC in El Dorado refused to give discounts.

  12. The only way to stop this is to take your receipt and go to ACODECO. I have never had to do it, but I have heard from others that ACODECO is, surprisingly, very responsive.

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