Keepum on a Leash

What is that smell? That was the question of the day, It was coming from the back yard. Looking under the deck provided the answer. A dead dog.

I have a hunch the dog tangled with a toad, got sick and searched  for a spot to die.

I posted a message on our neighborhood watch WhatsApp line reporting a dead white dog and in 5 minutes a neighbor came down to check to see if it was one that had been reported missing. Sure enough, it was.

He called the owner. They came over and got the dog. They said it and another small dog were missing yesterday. A search at the end of the block produced the other dog.

The rains have brought out the toads in force. Dogs running loose are very vulnerable to take on a toad and while they are small they are lethal.

1 thought on “Keepum on a Leash

  1. We had a toad hanging around the house. They come out at night. My wife kept capturing the toad and releasing it down the street in the woods but it kept returning. We have two dogs, both outside during the day but one inside in the night. I went out one night and found the toad in my outside dog’s water dish. I disposed of the toad and it won’t be coming back. People, please take your dog’s water and food dishes inside at night.

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