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Pick up lines for old people:
Hey baby, you better call life alert, cause I’ve fallen for you and can’t get up.

Great Time – No Photos

Yesterday evening, Dario invited me to one of his classes for conversational English practice. This is one of my favorite things to do.

The class had two young men and two young ladies.

One of the young men is working on his English so he is prepared to go to Harding University in Arkansas on scholarship from the Walton foundation. His English was pretty good and he should be ready by the time he leaves. He is going to study electrical engineering.

He will be staying in a dorm and I bet it will be quite an experience. Prior to this, his only experience outside of Panama was a trip to Florida to Disney World. I bet his first time with snow will provide many photos for his family back in Panama.

The second young man is in high school and has been in other of Dario’s classes I have visited. He will be pursuing a technical career too, most likely, as he said his favorite classes were physics and mathematics.

One of the young ladies had just graduated from college. She is an ecological scientist and is in the process of finishing her thesis (due in July). She is planning on going to Panama City to look for work and hoping she can find something supporting the ecology of the canal. She said English will be very important to her finding the best job. Her background was also very technical, but more oriented toward biology and eco-sciences.

The last young lady was pursuing business administration. She was late to the class and I didn’t have much time talking to her.

If you are coming to Panama and wonder what you will do to keep yourself busy and provide provide yourself entertainment, I encourage you to participate in some of the local school’s english programs. It is good for students to hear all accents from people outside of Panama.

I always have a great time when I am invited to participate in Dario’s classes. I am confident I get as much out of the classes as the students do.

This was Dario’s ending class in Universidad Latina in December 2012.

I do charity work. I volunteer my opinion just about every day.

Pilfering in Paradise

This morning I received the following comment on a post related to Chiriquí Watch, however not recorded on Chiriquí Watch as yet.

All this sounds good,but,in the real world..Who knows.What I do know is two days ago the ladrones did 5 home invasions in Potrerillos and tied all the folks up. All 5 were close to the Dona Marie restaurant and were waiting to hear if it was just the gringo homes or were the Panamanians too.

So much for the new police station across the street

We were told our wives CAN NOT use our permitted guns should we be away from home and the whole bunch of us have ordered tazers ! You must stop these animals before they get in or who knows the out come if they don’t get whet they feel is enough !

I decided that it was time to post another, “We’re Not In Kansas Anymore” piece.
Panama continues to have its foreigner population grow. With the growth comes a whole new flock of people moving to live the the life in Paradise as portrayed by International Living and other for profit disseminators of retirement information.

If you are going to move here, then you need to acclimate yourselves into the mindset of living in a Latin American Country. Don’t come down here and think it is crime free. Be happy you didn’t decide to move to Costa Rica.

Compared to Costa Rica, it is crime free and closer to paradise for those that learn to understand it.

No matter where you choose to live in Panama, you need to plan for and prepare for a possible house break-in. Also, don’t believe the propaganda put out leading you to believe that some areas are void of crime. It Ain’t So!

Gated communities have their share of crime and sometimes it may be because of the false security given by living in a gated community.

So how do you plan for criminal activity in your area. Continue reading Pilfering in Paradise

You say you want to bring me back to reality. You’re assuming I’ve been there before.

Apparently, California has the highest rate of Adultery and Depression. It’s a sad State of affairs.